Getting out of debt by paying yourself first is one of the best ways you can go about fixing your credit. One of the methods I've described in how I was able to fix my credit was based on this simple idea. Here's how you do that. Make yourself a creditor. A creditor who owes you 10% of your income each paycheck. Put the 10% away and then pay your bills. Real positive things happen when you make this commitment. You are able to create an emergency fund should disaster strike. Secondly, your attitude gets better. There's something about having money in the bank that adds to your comfort. Pay yourself first. Its a best step to take and needed if you are serious about "fix my credit."

Following your 10% deduction, the next step is to attack your other bills using the debt snowball strategy. You may have read about this process in many other places on the web. Essentially, the debt snowball starts by looking at all your debts. Take the one with the highest interest rate and put it at the top. Every other debt gets a minimum payment, while the debt on top of the mountain gets everything you can throw at it. This will make your most expensive debt disappear. You then take the money paid to debt one, add that to the payment you are making on debt two and continue till its all gone.

The question of how does this fix my credit comes down to three ways to go after it:

Cut your spending immediately. From this point forward, you buy nothing if its not required for your survival. Yes, its tough, but if you want to get your finances and fix your credit its needed. Spending, followed by some kind of financial trauma is what caused your credit issue in the first place.

Second, get a starting point for where you credit currently lies. You don't know if you are making progress if you don't know where you start. is a mandated free credit report available once per year from all credit reporting agencies. Do not confuse it with advertising for a different free credit report.

Finally, get your debts together to begin the debt snowball strategy. If you want to negotiate with your creditors to lower your payments, now is the time to do it. These steps are great first ways to answer the question, "fix my credit."

Your focus and effort will be the key to achieving results while you work. Concentrate on getting out of debt. This is a fix my credit strategy that will pay off much better in the long run than almost any tactic you can use.