There is one really simple answer to the question how do I fix my credit report. Pay your bills. Not being flip with an answer, but the reality of your credit problems comes from that simple answer. Not being able to make payments for whatever reason is why you need answers to "fix my credit." If you have the cash, pay the bills. If you don't, we're going to help you make your credit report better temporarily and then meet all your debts.

The first place to begin is getting a copy of your credit report. There are at least two different ways to do this. If you have a denial of credit letter from any creditor, which is where we normally find out our credit is trashed, you can get a free report by following the directions on the bottom of the letter. This assumes the reason for denial was based on information provided by a CRA, credit reporting agency. If you haven't had the pleasure of getting a denial letter in the mail, you can still get a freebie. Make sure you use the proper web address to accomplish this. By law, the web site will provide you a free report once per year. You may have heard a lot of ads for other sources of "free credit reports." These other sites are sales locations looking to sell you additional services like credit monitoring program.

Taking the beginning steps to answer how do I fix my credit report are important. Getting your credit report is a simple first step. Then, get with your creditors to negotiate acceptable payment terms or pay all your bills immediately. Your credit report really contains just two items. Its not a judgment device. Its your history all captured in a single location.

Negotiating with my creditors was one of the important things I did to fix my credit. My credit report was a disaster of late payments and judgments. Your creditors can be a source of help at getting out of debt. They want to get paid. Think creatively when talking to creditors. Interest rates, minimum payments, and even balances can be negotiated. You will likely no longer be able to use that line of credit in the future, but by involving your creditor up front, answering the fix my credit today question will become clearer and easier.