Quick fix for most electronic gadgets

iPods and iPhones can sometimes be easily fixed.Credit: Photo by Jane Gates

There is an idiosyncrasy of most electronic gadgets that every now and then they simply seem to freeze. The first thing to check with a cell phone, iPod or i Phone is how much charge your battery has. That’s pretty obvious and most of us would do that automatically – unless we were new owners of one of these handy devices. But suppose there is nothing wrong that you can find and the battery is fully charged. It is easy to start pushing buttons or trying to remember if you accidentally dropped it or did something else that could have destroyed some of the sensitive internal workings.

Often the answer is simple. Electronic devices can electronically trip themselves up.

With a phone, you will want to remove the cover from the battery compartment, and take out the battery completely. Note where the different colored wires plug in since you will be replacing them exactly where they were. Chances are there will be a small illustration posted inside to guide you. Leave the battery disconnected for sixty seconds before replacing it back just the way it was before. Look for a small hole with a tiny button inside that will be a perfect fit for the tip of a pen. This is the reset button. A pen, in fact, will be ideal for inserting in the hole and pressing the button. Hold it down for a few seconds. Then try the phone again. This is usually all it takes to clear your phone and get it working again. Put your battery cover back and your phone will likely work fine again.

With an iPod, iPad or other device, there may be no battery compartment for you to access. Instead, hold down your “off” button. If there are further instructions for the brand or model device you are using, follow them. Once you have definitively shut everything down, wait again for thirty to sixty seconds before turning everything on again.

The complete shut-off of an electronic device is a common cure for those mysterious seize-ups. It can work for clearing television sets, cordless home phones, hung computers and even computer routers. So, before you panic because your electronic device seems to be broken, try the simple fix. Completely remove the object from its energy source, wait for the electric charge to clear out of the lines and connections, then reconnect. If the problem persists, you will have to explore deeper or call your technical support. But try this simple fix for a cell phone, iPod or tablet first. It may save you a lot of time and worry.