When your computer freezes, it can be annoying and cost you valuable time as your unsaved work may be lost. In many cases, computer freezes are both fixable and avoidable. Learning a few easy ways to both fix and prevent these frustrating computer freezes will prove to be an invaluable skill.

If you have ever used a computer, chances are you have witnessed a computer freeze. When this happens, you may find yourself frustrated and confused as to what caused your computer to freeze in the first place. In some cases, you may have just installed a new piece of software that has caused your computer to freeze. Other times you may be doing something as simple as reading a word documents when experiencing a freeze.

One of the main reasons for a computer to freeze occurs when a running application gets hung up in the middle of executing a process. You will not be able to exit out of the program, or even move your mouse, because your computer appears to completely frozen. In some scenarios, you may still be able to work with other running applications, but the primary application you were using is completely unresponsive.

An easy way to fix these types of computer freezes is to simultaneously press the Control, Alt, and Delete buttons. A small screen will appear with several buttons. Click the one that says "Task Manager." This will allow you to view the applications that are currently running on your computer and all of the many processes that are being executed. If you see a program that is noted as "Not Responding," select it and click on "End Task" to close it.

Viruses and malicious software can also cause your computer to freeze up unexpectedly. Make sure to install and update your anti-virus software in order to prevent frustrating computer freezes from occurring. If you experience a computer freeze while browsing the internet or reading your email, this should be one of the first things you consider and attempt to troubleshoot.

While it might be convenient to leave several programs and multiple websites open, you are also increasing the likelihood of experiencing a computer freeze. Try to keep the items you leave open to a minimum.

In order to avoid any damage that may result from a computer freeze, it is important to get into the habit of saving your work frequently. Every time you open a new document, the first thing you should do is save it. Find a time interval, such as 20 minutes, that you are comfortable with and consistently save your work. This will ensure that any work you lose will be minimized.