Brother printer errors
Credit: Brother printer errors

Brother printer’s Print Error 32 is a typical issue mostly experienced by users who are using computers running in Vista 32-bit OS. The unit will halt itself from functioning unless you uninstall the current drivers and install a new one. This solution was actually provided in Brother’s Solutions Center page, including the download link for the new file particularly the driver that you need.

An uninstall tool is also available to download from their website to help you remove the necessary files, drivers and software that you’re currently using with the printer that has the problem. Before running the tool, you have to turn the unit off and unplug it from the host computer if it’s using wired cables. Log in to your computer using the Admin account and run the uninstall tool, follow the instructions accordingly and once done removing the drivers and all you may now start installing the new driver.

Aside from the print error stated above, there’s also this printer problem associated to number 32. Print Unable 32 or Machine Error 32, is an error message that prompts the user if there’s a piece of paper or any foreign material gets stuck inside the machine or the drum unit. If this is what exactly you are experiencing with your printer, here’s a simple guide to help you get rid of that error the proper way.

What you certainly need to do is remove the Brother TN115 toner cartridges and drum unit inside the printer. You might have been familiar with the process especially if you have tried replacing the consumables inside the machine for several times. Removing the cartridges and laser drum unit may vary from different printers, depending on how to access the items. But in general, opening or pulling down the front cover of the unit will reveal the cartridge slots as well as where the drum unit is installed.

Once you separated the cartridges from the printer, disassemble them and trace whether there’s any residual piece of paper sheets stuck. Inspect all the possible areas where paper jams might occur, like for example the back rollers maybe.

If your printer has a waste toner box, it is best to check it as well. If you’re suspecting problems with the belt unit, then pull it out and check its bottom where papers might be stuck. To remove the waste toner box, you have to pull the belt unit out of the printer to access the box. If you still haven’t found the culprit, continue inspecting the machine inside and out, or even at the deepest bottom of it.

If you’re satisfied with the inspection you made, re-assemble all the components and items that you remove from the printer. Start with the waste toner first, followed by the belt unit, then next the drum unit and lastly the toner cartridges. Remember this – first out last in, which means that you have to install the last item you pulled out of the machine first, and the first item you removed should be the last in queue.

Turn the printer back ON, and see if the error message does not appear, which I certainly hope so.