Steps to Fix iTunes Error 9006

The iTunes error 9006 is known to be a connection related error, which occurs with Mac systems and the iTunes system. If you have a download accelerator or an internet network capacity indicator, it will interrupt with the iTunes connection. The iTunes application uses its own connection network, so it should be free of any interruptions, including any firewalls. Many computer users will find that they can encounter errors if running third party firewall applications that they have not entered the iTunes application as a “Trusted” program. There are a number of other causes that can trigger the error, however, the following steps will help you in fixing the iTunes error 9006.

Steps to Fix the iTunes Error 9006

Step 1. Open the iTunes application on your system.

Step 2.      At the top of the iTunes application, you will see the Store button. Open it and check for any new updates that are available. If there aren’t any updates available for download, you will have the option to check for recent buys.

Step 3.      If you type in your account credentials, and choose to Check, the iTunes application will begin downloading your recent buys.

Step 4.      If the download process runs without any interruptions, this means everything is correct with your iTunes connection. This means that there is something wrong with your network adapter or router, which is blocking a specific Apple server.

Step 5.      A simple fix is to download version 8 of Internet Explorer and restart your computer. This will fix the issue right away.

If you have tried disabling the firewall settings, in both Windows and the Antivirus program; your last resort is to run a system check on the registry. You can scan your registry for errors and fragmented entries. When you install iTunes, it writes entries in your system registry, and sometimes there are errors in these entries. The iTunes error 9006 occurs mainly with iTunes Pro downloads.

Another major issue with iTunes is the file size limit and the compatibility of the feature. When iTunes downloads media files, it uses the Internet Explorer settings. Internet Explorer 6 has a file size limit of two gigabytes and Internet Explorer 7 has a file size limit of four gigabytes. The only fix is with Internet Explorer 8, as there is no download size limit. If you upgrade to Internet Explorer 8, you will not have the iTunes error 9006.

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