Big Air

What do the different flags

indicated when they are flying on

the amateur motocross track?

Motocross is an extreme sport and the flags you see on the track is a communication method used to keep the racers informed.

In the following clips you will see a green flag, a yellow flag, a red cross flag flying, a white flag and a checkered flag. Each flag is an indicator of instructions for the racers.

There are two flags not shown here - the red and black flag, neither is used very often. The red flag, indicates the race has been interrupted and ALL riders are to come off the track and report to the starting area for instructions. Weather, a bad injury or an illegal start are just a few instances for a restart.

The black flag is directed to ONE rider and that rider must immediately come off the track - there has been some type of violation that affects that particular rider.

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The green flag

is waved as the first lap is completed.

This is an indicator the race is a go!

Turn the throttle!

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When a rider comes to a yellow flag

it means a rider is down and

at this area there is no passing or jumping.

If there is a red cross flag waving it means there is an injury and medics are on site to assist the injured rider or riders. Again, no passing or jumping until you are past the injury site.

If you happen to be the down or injured rider, if you are not hurt, try to get your bike started as soon as possible in a safe area. If there are no riders coming up on you, try to start your bike. If riders are coming try to move your bike (if safety permits - for you) into a safe area, then get it started.

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When the white flag

is flying you have

one more lap left to the checkered flag.

You are almost done! Turn the throttle on!

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The Checkered Flag

When you see this flag the race is over!

Time to go back to your pit area and celebrate!