Anyone who has lived in a cold climate has most likely experienced the joy of climbing into a bed with flannel queen sized sheets. Soft, inviting, and above all else warm, flannel sheets are a luxurious comfort everyone can afford.

Brushed cotton is the best fiber for flannel. It is natural, breathable, and wicks sweat away from the body. Brushing the cotton allows it to hold in a layer of air to keep you warm, even on the coldest night. Cotton flannel is durable and easy to wash. Polyester flannel is also available but cotton is a better choice. Many people believe flannel improves as it ages. It definitely gets softer after a few washings. Care for flannel is the same as any cotton sheet. Just wash in warm water, and dry. Flannel can be machine or line dried and no ironing is necessary.

Most flannel sheets are reasonably priced. The cost goes up with thicker, more tightly woven flannel fabric. A good set of queen sized flannel sheets, top, bottom, and two pillowcases, can be had for under fifty dollars. Real comfort at a bargain price.

The sheets can be found in almost all colors and patterns. The first sheets were plaids that imitated flannel shirts. Next came the solid colors, followed by patterns. Many of these feature cold weather creatures or scenes like snowy mountains. Penguins, igloos, and reindeer figure prominently on many sheet sets. Chances are you can find a set of sheets for every winter holiday. Even shamrocks and leprechauns for St. Patrick's Day, or hearts for Valentine's Day. If you want warm sheets for the children, there is a whole world of kid friendly designs including super heroes, fairy tale characters, and popular television figures.

The most recent trend in these sheets is using them year round in all but the warmest climates. When it's hot outside, flannel can be cool because it is a natural fiber fabric. Now sheet sets are made in spring and summer colors and patterns. You can easily find flowers, pastel shades, and even jungle animals. Most sheets manufactured for warmer climates are thinner and more loosely woven.

Flannel sheets will go with and enhance almost any bedroom decor from antique to ultra modern. Choices abound and it will not be hard to find a set of sheets that please you. They will not be too painful on the wallet and will give you years of soft, warm comfort for a minimum of care.