Flappy Bird


The I-phone sensation, "Flappy Bird" hit number one in the app stores recently. It is completely free to download, but the creator of the game made almost 50,000 dollars a day for this game. However, in a recent interview the creator said that he was going to take the game off of the app store forever claiming he "just can't take it anymore". That is how some of us actually feel when we play the game, because it is highly difficult to master and it is extremely addictive. But why would someone making so much money on this game decide to delete it forever? And what does this do for the millions of Flappy Bird fanatics that still want to continue to play this game?

The Game

Flappy Bird is quite a simple game, actually. The purpose of it is to get the little bird to fly around these large pipes, which, oddly enough, look exactly like the sewage pipes from Super Mario Bros. The style of the game is actually very reminiscent of that fact. The problem is, you have to keep pressing your phone to keep the bird flying, and, if you jump too high or too low, you guessed it: game over. Personally, I have not been able to get past three pipes, but I know of some people who have an amazing score of 37 or higher, which astounds me. 

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Deleting The Game

The creator has claimed that he has taken the app completely off the app store, which I believe is true. However, those of us that downloaded it before its deletion can actually still play the game. In fact, I have it open right now on my phone and it is still working. Before it was deleted, there was one update that was made. I don't know if it had any effect on the difficulty levels, but I do know that it changed the layout. Now, levels begin in night or daytime, and the bird changes colors.

On another interesting note, I have discovered a "mock app" called "Flappy Wings" that has recently been added to Android Apps. It is pretty much the exact same thing, it is free, and is made by someone else. I wonder if that person can get in trouble for copyright issues, or if it is okay for them to essentially steal another man's idea? Even so, since the creator said he was tired of the game, I don't think he will care that much. But he did say that he plans on making other games for the I-phone apps store, which is hopeful. 


Flappy Bird is a seriously addicting an annoying game that has taken over in the past several months. Many people have cried out in frustration when that pesky little bird hits the ground and they have to start it all over again. It seems rather strange why someone making so much money and fame off of this would decide to take it down. I guess we will never know the true story behind that, but, nevertheless, it is a rather interesting story. To conclude, I give this app a rating of a 5 out of 10. I just get to angry and frustrated at the difficulty that I want tot throw my phone across the room. I don't particularly like games that have such a mental effect on me. It's probably what made the creator quit out on it. He probably couldn't even beat his own game. So, in the future, if you see a game like this and you are curious to try it, I suggest that you don't. It is a massive waste of your own time and energy to even put into this.