Warfare 1944


  • Good strategy game
  • Requires thought
  • Somewhat historical
  • Many units
  • Upgrades
  • Resources
  • 3 Battlefields


  • 1 Unit / Cover
  • more resource related upgrades

Full Review

Warfare 1944
Armor Games, ConArtist
Genre: Strategy

Description: Warfare 1944 is the sequel to Warfare 1917. You play as either the German Wehrmacht or the U.S. Forces. You start of on the beaches of Normandy earning experience as you go. You can deploy a range of units on the three battlefields. But remember to watch your resources.

Opinion: The Warfare series is one of my personal favorites. The game offers some historical background without making it boring. Compared to it's previous counterpart (Warfare 1917), there are quite a few differences. First off there were three different areas on the battlefield in which you could deploy your men. This allowed for a new option, flanking. When you flank your enemy on one battlefield it decreases their moral. Another large difference was resources. This is a new factor in the series. Now not only do you have to wait for the unit to 'recharge' but you must have enough supplies to deploy him. At first I was unsure of what to think about this new feature, but as I continued to play I was reassured. There was also plenty of unit options:
  • infantry
  • assault
  • sniper
  • machine-gunner
  • Bazooka
  • Mortar
  • Officer
  • Tank
Tips: Grenades can damage tanks.

In Closing

Rating: 9/10