Adobe Flash is a fantastic multimedia platform for the web, desktop and mobile devices. In fact, many websites are built entirely with Adobe Flash. This is both a great idea and a terrible idea.



Adobe Flash's ActionScript scripting language provides the designer a world of possibilities for richly interactive, responsive multimedia presentation. Flash allows the development of games, web forms, buttons, and more.

Flash provides users a high level of interactivity in an attractive package.


Because Flash works on all major web browsers, Flash based sites will appear the same on each browser. The designer does not need to take the browser into consideration when coding the site. There is no CSS, PHP, HTML or the like for the browser to mess up.

In this sense, Flash is a universal language for browsers. The only catch is the Adobe Flash player must be installed in the browser, and we have yet to see a Flash player for Apple's iDevices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad).


Because Adobe Flash is also a media platform, it allows for a wide range of beautiful animations. This allows the designer to create a captivating, engaging site that is visually appealing.


Search engines hate flash

As beautiful as Adobe Flash sites can be, search engines simply cannot understand Flash. Text in a Flash-based site cannot be read by Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, or any other search engine. This means that to search engines, your website appears as a nearly blank page with no useful content. If search engines don't see the value in your site, you will have a horrible search engine ranking - if you're lucky enough to be listed.
Considering much of a usual website's traffic comes from search engines, incompatibility with search engines is a high price to pay.

Slow load time

Flash-based websites are notorious for having slow load times. The average user will not be willing to wait 20-30 seconds for a site to load - especially in a world of broadband connectivity. Most users will reach for that "Back" button after a few seconds.

Processor intensive

Flash has been known to require more power out of a processor than technologies like AJAX or JavaScript. Most users wouldn't notice much of a difference, but those using less powerful computers may have problems.


Flash is great. There's no doubt about that, but it simply is not an optimal platform for developing full websites. Flash is extremely useful for areas of a website that require high-end, media-based interactivity. But, the core of a site should be developed with platform that is designed for web development - like HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL, PHP and the sort.