If you live in an area where it gets dark at supper time, or when you like to walk the dog,  then getting  flashing LED dog collars or dog safety lights would be a great idea. 

These little lights keep your dog illuminated so that people can see your pet on the leash.  These are a great safety feature that can keep you and your pet safe from traffic.

You can get extra LED collars that simply clip around your dog's neck or you can get clip on dog safety lights that actually clip right to his or her present collar.  The beauty of these LED lights, is that you can also get one for yourself.

If you don't wear anything reflective for your night time walks, you may not be visible to traffic, especially in the bad weather.  You can get reflective tape and put this on your jacket or you can simply clip on one of these LED safety lights onto your belt or somewhere on your person that it can be seen at night.

This will give you that extra bit of security when out on your night time walks, or in bad weather. You see many bicycles with these styles of lights, rather than just depending on the reflector on the back.  By having something that flashes quite brightly, it can be better seen at night especially if the weather is foggy or rainy.  Flashing LED Dog collarsCredit: Amazon

Give yourself that extra protection when out, even in the day time.  If it is overcast or foggy, drivers may not be able to see you when you are on the side of the road or crossing the road.

I have also seen many dog walkers wearing reflective coats and vests that I was able to see but was unable to see the dog they were walking.  This could end up being a dangerous situation, if I can't see the dog.

Flashing LED Dog Collars

With the advances in LED lighting, this is a great tool for taking your dog for a walk after dinner or later at night.  A dog safety light can also help to light the way on that dark path, especially if you are in an area that is not well lit.

You can get these flashing LED dog collars in many different colours, the most common being green and blue, and you can also get dog safety lights that shine white or flashing red.  You can clip it onto your dog or onto the leash, or get a few!

These are available at many lager pet supply stores, but you can also get them online with sites such as Amazon.  These are a great way to keep your kids safe too if they are out and about walking between friends houses at night.  Simply clip a safety light to their jacket or backpack so that they can be seen.

I have seen them used on kids backpacks.  They are affordable and therefore would be good to have a few around.  Keep them by the door with your leash and jacket and get that extra security for out on your walks, especially in areas that do not have sidewalks.    Having the flashing LED dog collars or dog safety lights will let drivers see you better and stay clear.