A TV wall mount is a space-saving and relatively cheap way to display a standard flat panel TV, as well as a great alternative to a traditional cabinet stand. Most designs are height adjustable and come with cable management systems to keep cables out of sight. These systems are a great low profile alternative to cabinet designs, are relatively easy to install, and are perfect for people wanting a slim profile for their monitor.

The basic equipment you will need for installation of a flat-screen wall mount includes a bracket and screws - you may need to take extra care when mounting on a brick wall to make sure that there is enough support. This type of mounting design for a flat screen, plasma, LCD, or LED television is a great multi functional option for people who wish to maximize floor space, keep the television out of reach of small children, or affect a minimalist design in the home.

Flat-Screen VESA Wall Mount(97566)

Different styles allow for tilting and rotating the screen to get the perfect angle for viewing - a cantilever, articulating, or swing arm design allows for full motion, while a swivel design allows you to tilt the screen back and forth. You can also buy a motorized version that allows the viewing angle to be adjusted by remote control. If your living room leaves you with few ideas for furniture layout, think about purchasing a corner wall mount that allows for inconspicuous placement in the corner of the room. Other great ways to create a low profile are to buy an in wall version, or to install the product in a recessed area of the wall.

Most products come with universal adapter plates, meaning that they are compatible with a wide range of brands and sizes. Depending on the size of your screen, you may need a 75mm, 100x100mm, 200x200mm, or 400x400mm wall mount. If you need to display more than one screen or computer monitor, you might want to consider purchasing a dual LCD mount. Whichever product you choose, make sure that it is VESA compliant as this will help to ensure that you are purchasing a quality product.

Many products come with a shelf system included that can be used to store a DVD player or gaming system. Installing this type of product should be relatively easy for DIY experts, but if you are unfamiliar with DIY or with wiring it might be best to enlist an expert - you want to display and protect your monitor and to know that it is installed securely.

The advent of flat screen televisions has made it easier than ever to fit a large TV into your home decor. The wide range of products on the market today allow you to place your TV almost anywhere and be assured of a low profile, meaning that you can watch the screen when you want to without having it define the room. This product takes a little extra time to install versus a traditional cabinet design, but it is worth it because it saves space and has a minimal impact on your home decor.