There are a ton of ladies that will be able to tell you that high heels and wedges are the best ladies dress shoes; however, those women will also tell you how much pain they must endure when they have worn the shoes for hours on end. Although you will receive many compliments for wearing those high heels or wedges, you will also have to practically cry when you are trying to take them off of your feet after as little as 3 hours!

With all of that being said, it may be quite beneficial to wear a pair of flat casual dress shoes when you have the ability to. Obviously, you cannot wear a pair of flats to a formal wedding, but you can definitely wear them to work on dress down day. This article describes the best pairs of women’s dress shoes in regards to flats, and some reasons to purchase a pair of flat dress shoes.

Steve Madden Koool L Ballerina Flats

At first glance you may think that $70 is a hefty price to pay for a pair of casual dress flats; however, you know that all of Steve Madden shoes are made with amazing quality in mind, and have to pass through a substantial amount of reviews and tests before being released to the public.

In addition, most shoe consumers know that it is hard to find any great pairs of shoes for under $100; however, Steve Madden has managed to produce a great quality pair of flats for well under $100.

I would definitely keep these casual dress flats in mind if they fit in the budget that you have set.

Be Sure To Avoid Wearing Flats On Rainy Days

Although some of the best dress shoes with a wedge may be quite uncomfortable to wear, they still protect you from any water that may be sitting on the ground. Unfortunately, an ability to get wet is a sacrifice that you are making for the added comfort that they offer. 

I would definitely recommend checking the weather channel before you leave your house with a pair of flat dress shoes on your feet. In addition, most of the casual dress flats will have fantastic designs on them; the last thing that you want to do is pay a hefty amount of money for a pair of flats, and them nearly ruin them because they came into contact with a puddle of water.

Fossil Aimee Flats

Fossil is not extremely famous for the dress shoes that they offer; however, I definitely think that these Aimee flat shoes are an amazing entrance into the market! The feature a very modest design that is bound to attract some attention.

Most manufacturers will decide to use bright colors and flashy designs on their pairs of casual dress flats; however, Fossil has decided to use very modest colors that fall under the same hue. The only downside to this specific pair of Fossil shoes is that they have a price tag that might not fit into the average budget. Most people only plan on spending $30 or $40 on a pair of flats; therefore, this $70 may be a bit high for the majority of consumers.

Flats Generally Cost Less Than High Heels And Pumps

One of the reasons that casual flats do so well in regards to sales is that they generally cost a lot less than the average pair of pumps, high heels, or wedges. The two examples that were used in this article are obviously some of the more expensive models; however, you can be assured that you are getting phenomenal quality products when they are labelled with the Fossil or Steve Madden brand names!

I would definitely consider a pair of flats over heeled shoes if you have a small budget that you want to adhere to or if you are looking for a pair of extremely comfortable dress shoes.