So what modern TV stands are available to you?

Prior to flat panel digital TV's your choice of stand tended to be one that came with the television, a furniture stand or TV cabinet, with wall mounts being limited to smaller televisions. Along came the flat panel TV and it was then fashionable to hang the TV on the wall like a photo frame, but there are some disadvantages to this method.

OmniMount Echo 50 pf Tv Stand

As an alternative to wall mounts for flat screen TVs the TV pedestal is a stand that allows a greater choice in viewing positions, they are not limited to walls facing in the right direction and can be positioned in corners, that often provide a good viewing positions. Stand by Sanus


Other useful design features on some TV pedestals are adjustable height settings and the ability to rotate the TV screen for the best viewing angle, some of which can be adjusted using a remote control on more sophisticated models.


All TV stands have their limitations so you will need to choose one that is suitable for your home design. You may lack of wall space, floor space or a suitable facing wall for example.

TV Pedestal

The TV Pedestal is a design that can be both stylish and practical by opening up new possibilities of where to site your flat panel TV, places not previously considered.


Having decided on the size of TV that best suits a room, how are you going to mount it in the right position for best viewing? It can be surprisingly comfortable to have the TV much higher than you've been used to with the heavy old CRT TV, lie back in your chair and see where your eyes rest on a wall to give yourself an idea of a relaxing height. The types of stands now available, if you know they exist, give you a considerable choice for getting a flat screen TV positioned anywhere you want it.


AlthoughSanus TV Pedestral Stand frequently advertized in contemporary design houses and apartments, the minimalist design of some TV pedestals means that they can also fit in well with more traditional designs too. Choose the right stand design and finish and it can actually enhance the appearance of the television.


Where the design allows and to prevent the attractive design of the pedestal stand being spoiled by the sight of trailing cables you get concealed cable management. To cope with additional equipment such as cable or satellite boxes etc., you can buy stands that have suitable bases or a number of shelves to put them on.

If you are not keen on having your TV on permanent display at all, there are a range of TV cabinets available with remote control units that will raise the previously concealed TV up to a suitable height for viewing only when required.

Tv Cart

Occasionally when different numbers of people want to watch the television a fixed position TV TV Cartis not always in the best place, an increasingly popular solution to this problem is the TV Cart.

 Originally found in the office environment the TV Cart has been been developed and styled to make them an attractive option for the home. The TV cart allows you to mount your TV on a bracket, along with other equipment on shelves, which can then all be easily and safely wheeled to a viewing position of your choice. This sytem is also proving popular for gamers who can move the TV to have the screen directly infront of them when playing games for a more involving experience.


Whatever your require of a Flat Panel TV Stand your need should be met, the choice is wider than you might have thought!