DIY Roof RepairCredit: FlatroofrecoveryI live in a very nice area and the houses have risen in value every year for the last ten years or so. All the houses adjacent to mine have all gone through extensive refurbishments, extensions and remodels. All except mine. I have renovated the kitchen, bathroom and extensively decorated the interior but never tackled the outside. As you can imagine my house looks like it is trapped in the sixties. This is not helped by the flat roof above an extension that was built in the mid seventies. I am sure it looked good then but now it can only be described as an eye saw.


The time has come for refurbishment of my flat roof and it will be done as a do-it-yourself project. I have all the relevant skills and tools at my disposal. I have decided to keep it in keeping with the houses either side of me and make a pitched roof with matching roof tiles that are on the main house. All I need to do is a research of a few technical details such as the distance between the new roof joists.


I now have all the measurements I need to visit my local DIY mega store to order a long list of materials such as, wood, nails, beam brackets, screws, insulating black waterproof paper, tiles, ridge tiles, new drain pipes and guttering. There were a few more bits and bobs I was unaware of until I picked up some free handouts in store. As I am doing this as a do-it-yourself project, any help is much appreciated. I have decided to leave the existing roof as it is. It will be an extra insulation and will have rolls of thicker insulation added. As the new roof will also be waterproof, I do not need to worry about any nails penetrating the black bitumen paper.


My home do-it-yourself project (interesting to know is that in Denmark, the term is Gør det selv hjem) was well on track as the mega store had all I needed in stock and would deliver it all tomorrow morning between ten am and noon. This gives me time to prepare the area for the renovation work. I needed to remove the old guttering and drain pipes. A few over grown trees need to be cut down and the roots dug out as they may cause problems if left any longer. I need to place a beam along the wall that will support the new pitched roof beams. I do not have it yet but I can measure the height and mark the wall with chalk so to save time tomorrow.


As this flat roof renovation  is a do-it-yourself project, time is of the essence as I need to get back to work within one week or it will not be a feasible project as it would have been cheaper to have a tradesman come in and do the work if it was to take any longer.


The finished project will have a big impact on the overall look of the property. It will be a good start in bringing my house up to the standard of the rest of street.