Buying a flat screen television can be difficult especially when many people want a television stand which helps accentuate their new purchase. Also, the thin size of the these televisions makes it more appropriate to find a TV stand which suits their size. There is a huge selection at many different stores. We will take a look at some various television stands currently being sold at two different stores. A comparison will be made on their selection from prices to designs.

The first flat panel television stand we will look at is called Entertainment Center in Espresso-Chic. This is found at an online furniture store website. This stand is solid wood with an espresso coffee finish. It stands 36" tall with a 60" width. At the ends of this piece are two narrow storage spaces with glass doors. There is a lower shelf also with a glass door. An open shelf lies above this which can hold a cable box or DVD player. This piece has a price of $428.

Another piece from this website is the Corner Entertainment Tower - Studio RTA. This is a great piece which allows one to conserve on space but with a stylish look. It sets well into a corner with plenty of shelving space. A television up to 90 pounds can be set on this stand. It has adequate shelving below to hold items like a DVD player, cable box, or gaming console. Standing on the side are metal rods which support a shelf above the television for extra storage. This is a nice piece selling for a reasonable $99.

The next place where we will look at their selection of television stands is Best Buy. This store is one store which sells a complete variety of electronics, music, movies, and home appliances. They also sell great pieces of furniture for their electronic products such as television stands. One example is the Bush TV Stand which is made of high-gloss black finish. There are two shelves beneath which are tempered glass. This stand can hold a 62" television. It has a sleek look which is complementary to the television. The piece is $269.

Another example is the Whalen TV stand which is made of solid wood. It can hold a 65" television. There are two side cabinets for storage. They are shelved with glass doors. The center includes a bottom drawer with a shelf on top to place a center speaker. The look is traditional but very nice for those days to sit at home and to enjoy your favorite shows. The selling price for this great piece is $569.

From these two stores, one can see the great selection of television stands available. They come in many different styles as well as prices. Each of these two stores alone has a complete selection.

The selection does not stop at these two places. There is a huge variety at many retailers including more reasonably priced stores such Target or Costco. Special TV stands furniture stores can also provide a good selection. These are pieces which are easy for the consumer to choose and purchase.