It's always good to keep your flat screen TV and DVD player mounted onto a wall. Less chance of dust and fabrics getting into your expensive DVD players when its on a television stand. There's also a less likely chance of kids or pets causing an accidents. Some flat screen TV wall mounts with a DVD shelf might allow you to store a few of your DVDs as well. Although most are just small and spacious enough to store your VCR, DVD player, blue-ray player, and cable box to the wall mount shelves. These are truly space savers for your home. It's sure more convenient when you can store your home theater systems on a mounted wall stand, that will can keep your DVD and flat screen televisions safe. Prices aren't very expensive for most flat screen TV wall mounts with a DVD Shelf. They're modern design that blend in well with your home. Down below is a collection of what to find online for cheap prices. Some great deals are currently going for flat screen TV wall mounts that can save you some money online.

Television Wall Mounts with DVD Shelf - 3 Shelves

The AVF Nexus three shelf component wall mount is compatible for DVD players, cable boxes, and VCRs to be stored while being used as a flat screen television stand. Prices are slightly high, going for over a $100 dollars online at Up to 23 inch LCD flat screen TVs can be supported on this television stand that can be placed on your wall. It features a modern black finish thats made in aluminum for maximum support and stability. Each shelf weighs 99 pounds, so it shouldn't have much trouble supporting most home theater systems.


Online at numerous didn't retail stores there's a good deal that is going for a lot of television stands for both TVs and DVD players. In fact, 3 modern smoked glass shelves in some online that make for a really nice modern look in your home. Store a DVD player, VCR, blue-ray player, and maybe a few DVDs on the bottom two shelves. Keep speakers, your DVD player, and your cable box stored together. Although beware there's no protection on the side keeping DVD players blocked off from being knocked over. Some of the features include a cable management built into wall plates, and a wall mount TV stand that's compatible with any digital television set. The flat panel TV wall stand can easily blend into your home. It's easy to setup yourself.

TV Stand Shelves Under $50 Dollars - Single Shelf

The OmniMount ECSP glass component shelf is a single shelf that can be purchase online for prices under $50 dollars. If you're strictly just shopping for TV wall mounts with a DVD shelf, then save yourself money by purchasing a single shelf. The ECS glass shelf is designed to hold a cable box, VCR player, or your home DVD player. The glass shelf weighs 30 pounds, providing plenty of stability for a DVD. Online customers seem happy with its stability, that provides enough room to store home television theater systems on this shelf. It is currently on sale for a 40% discount.

OmniMount ECSB Component Shelf Wall Shelf for TVs and Video Accessories
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(price as of May 4, 2015)

23-37" LCD Flat Screen Television Stands

If you have a 37 inch plasma or LCD television, then it can fit on some wall stands for your home. If you have a big plasma or LCD TV, then you'll need a shop for wall mounts that don't come with shelves, or ground level TV stands that comes with shelves to store your home entertainment systems. There are some bigger inch screen TV wall mounts, but its hard to find ones with shelves. That's usually too much weight to support for a large television and a dvd player. Online at Amamax you'll find reasonable prices going for 23-37 inch compatiable flat screen TVs. Only a single shelf is included, featuring a black tempered glass shelf. It's heavy-gauge steel construction that can store DVD players, cable boxes, and other home theater systems.