Over the time I've been helping people lose weight; many similar questions have popped up. In this article you will find some of the most common ones and also the most important information you need to know when starting with stomach exercises. If you have an additional question, feel free to contact me and maybe we can add it here.

What are the best exercises to get a flat stomach?

Cardio exercises. This may surprise people who always thought crunches were the best exercises for stomach. But the truth is that you won't be able to have flat abs if you don't get rid of the excess fat first. Cardio help you do just that, increasing your metabolic rate and burning fat throughout the day.

I will be more specific and tell you that "interval cardio training" is the best to get rid of the belly. Follow the link to read more about intervals.

What's the best way to get ripped abs?

Ripped abs are achieved by lowering your fat percentage to a minimum of 10%. This will let the muscles show up clearly. Everyone can attain this goal, although it is good to know that not everyone have the same shape of muscles. Some abs may look better than another, that's just genetic. Some diet plans like the one in the Six Week Body Makeover can help you reduce fat to those levels.

Aren't sit ups the most effective exercises for the stomach?

Sit-ups can be pretty valuable IF done correctly. Unfortunately, most people do them the incorrect way as it is very hard to achieve the proper movement. There are other exercises that eliminate the difficulty and bring about better results, like for example the bicycle maneuver.

How much pounds do you recommend losing per week?

With a healthy approach to weight loss, you should drop 2.5 pounds per week in average people. If you lose more you run the risk of having health problems.

Would I lose weight quicker if I eat less?

No. Eating less will only alert your body of famine, making it slower down the metabolism to prepare for scarcity. You should strive to eat at 5 meals per day with healthy food. This way your body will have fuel, a fats metabolism, and you will avoid cravings.

Is there a way to lose fat just in one spot?

No, this is one of the biggest myths in the world of fitness. There is no such thing as spot toning. According to our genes we tend to store fat on certain places, but in order to lose that fat we must work on lowering the excess fat on all the body.