If you want to flatten your abs the very first thing that you need to do is to lose weight. One of the big disappointments to most people is the realization that you cannot force your body to lose weight in one area. Your body will choose where the fat will leave first and all you can do is cross your fingers and hope that it is your abs. Doing a bunch of crunches will give you muscles in your abs but won't do much for the fat.

How to Lose Weight and Flatten Your Abs

There are many fad diets around to lose weight. Many of those diets are unhealthy and should be avoided. The best way to lose weight and flatten your abs is pretty simple, but hard for many people to accomplish. The best way to lose fat is to take in fewer calories than you expend. A couch potato needs many few calories than a person with an active lifestyle. You need to either lessen the amount of calories that you take in or get more exercise. A combination of fewer calories and more exercise is the best way to flatten your abs.

How to Lose Weight by Counting Calories

One of the best ways to begin losing weight is to count calories. Start a daily food diary and see just where you are in caloric intake. If you are like most people the amount of calories taken in will surprise you. Once you've kept track of the number of calories that you generally take in on a daily basis you can begin to find places to reduce the number.

How to Lose Weight by Lessening your Caloric Intake

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is a dramatic reduction in calories. If you try to starve yourself you'll fall off the diet wagon quicker than you can lose 10 pounds. Slow and steady calorie reduction is the key. A slow change to your lifestyle is better than a quick and radical change. Find the areas that are your biggest problems and work on those first. Soda, candy, and snacks are the places that you might find you have the biggest problems with.

How to Exercise and Flatten Your Abs

The best way to lose weight through exercise is to do cardio training. You want to do fast paced, heart pumping, and calorie burning exercises. Speed walking, running, and stair climbing are all good ways to get that fat burning away. One thing you don't want to do is weight training exclusively. If you just lift weights as your exercise you'll actually gain weight by building muscles but your stubborn fat will stay with you.

Easy Exercises for Beginners

If you are very out of shape and have a low tolerance for exercises you need to start with easy and safe exercises. Walking is easy. Walk for 3 or 4 minutes every day and slowly increase the number of minutes spent walking. Walk to the corner and back, and then walk around the block, and work it up until you can walk for 30 minutes to an hour every day. This exercise increase should be very slow and gradual. It could take months before you can walk for an hour at a stretch but starting slow will mean that you don't injure yourself or give up. Climb stairs to burn calories. If you can go up and down a flight of stairs you can do all your exercise in the privacy of your own home. Just climb the stairs and then climb down. This sounds simple, but believe me you'll be gasping for breath and your legs will be burning before you can do too many trips. Don't do more than you are comfortable with. Take it slow and easy.

The Best Way to Build Muscle

Always check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise or diet routine. Make sure that you are healthy enough to flatten your abs before you begin.