Creating the perfect outfit for big and tall men can be a difficult process. If you are both big and tall, your clothing options are generally limited, even when shopping at specialty stores. Big clothing is generally designed for broad men and, of course, tall clothing is designed for tall men. Most big and tall clothing is oversized and not very attractive looking, but this guideline will give you some tips for creating flattering looks with what you have. If you are in the market for new big and tall men's clothing, check out stores like Casual Male XL and


If you are a big and tall man, finding a shirt that properly fits can be a bit tricky. That is why it is important to know your upper body sizes, such as your neck, chest and sleeve. You want to purchase a shirt that you could tuck in all the way around, if needed. Wearing a shirt that is too bulky for you is only going to make you look larger than you really are. Solid, dark colors are the best shirt color for big and tall men because they tend to give off a slimming effect. Patterns are not recommended for big and tall men because they can look awkward if the shirt bends too much with the shape of your body.


Pants that big and tall men should always avoid are pants that are buttoned, double pleated and light colored. Pants of that style may look alright on thin men, but they draw attention to big and tall men. Pants that look great on big and tall men are pleated pants that feature a single vertical fold in the front of the pants. Big and tall men should always wear their pants well above their hips. If, as a big and tall man, you wear your pants too low, you will be forced to wear a belt with the pants, which will likely cause your belly to drape over the pants. Of course, that is not a very flattering look for any man or woman. As with shirts, dark colored pants are always the best choice for big and tall men.

Formal Wear

Creating a flattering formal wear look is actually very easy for big and tall men. Suit jackets are always a great choice for big and tall men because they tend to have a leveling effect. Basically, suit jackets create an hourglass look on big and tall men that is very attractive looking. If you are tall and broad, the perfect suit jacket for you is a single breasted jacket that features a V shape when buttoned. For larger men, double-vented suit jackets are the best choice because of the flexibility that thet provide. Suit jackets that feature large pockets are a great look for big and tall men, as well, because they prevent the jacket from looking like it is stretched out.