Shopping at Macy's and Appleseed's are great places to get fashionable and flattering styles for older women. There was a timw when it was frowned upon for older women to wear clothes that were more on the stylish tip or fashion forward. This is no longer the case. While getting older no longer means being relegated to certain trends and styles, there are still choices that are more flattering to an older woman.

Longer Skirts still rule

Unfortunately with age can come varicose veins and cellulite that can be found on the legs of a woman. Therefore longer skirts are still a fashion forward choice for older women. Longer skirts need not be out of style. You don't have to don a broomstick long skirt due to your age. There are many long skirts that have every time of design and cut. From the fish tale to the pencil design a longer skirt is always a best best for older women. Pair it with a short jacket and it can go from the office, to a party to a late dinner.

The Tunic

Sometimes when women get older a few pounds shift to other areas and the midsection may grow a bit more than she would like. If this is the case a tunic is always a great bet. Tunics always come in fashion forward styles and designs and can be monochrome or embellished. No matter what color, design or style, the tunic rules because it covers up flaws that can be in womans middle section and/or bottom half. A tunic is also great if an older woman is top heavy and not balance out on her bottom half. Actually women of all ages love the tunic because it covers up any flaws you may have in style.

Bootleg Pants and Jeans

The bootleg pants and jeans took the fashion world by storm several years ago and have not gone out of style yet. These styles are great for older women as they gives a smooth and straight line to the leg and hide any imperfections. If the calf or this is larger than it's opposite half, the boot leg pant and jeans solves this problem immediately. The style looks just as fashionable whether it's in a word pant or jean. That means older women can always look classy and in style with this type of bottom. The bootleg is also great in all seasons. You can rock the jeans in the spring and summer with your athletic and casual shoes and then in the fall and winter they work wonders with shoe boots and even tall full length boots.

When you start to get older, you need not substitute style for function. With the option above you can have them both. Make sure you showcase your personal style by adding a touch of color to either the garments listed above or a cool accessory that will pop no matter what you're wearing; you'll then still be the bell of the ball no matter what your age.