Lip balm has become such a normal and essential item in women’s purses and handbags that it’s become a part of the female everyday life. Keeping lips looking glossy, shiny and smooth is one of the most important things to remember to complete any look, and flavored lip balm is a must-have and favored item.  

Why Flavored Lip Balm?

Our lips are one of the most arresting features on our face aside from our eyes. Basically, they are valuable physical assets aside from the fact that our mouth is the main passage for food in our digestive system. Keeping our lips looking good and maintaining its health is quite important to avoid constant drying and chapping. So the question, does lip gloss really have to be flavored?

In reality, flavored lip gloss is a matter of personal preference. It not only provides nourishment and a natural sheen to your lips, but also gives you the opportunity to choose a prefered flavor and scent to give it a delectable taste.

Flavored lip balm is very popular particularly among younger users. This makes the pre-lipstick age more fun and invigorating while allowing users to experiment with the different flavors available.

Odd-Ball Flavors

In the flavored lip balm industry, flavors can vary from one common thing to another. The usual and popular flavors are strawberry, cherry, mint, bubblegum, cola, orange, raspberry,vanilla, cocobutter, peach, rosemary, lemon, chocolate and a whole lot other flavors you could choose from. Some flavors are jaw-drop worthy and just unbelievable. It’s amazing how people think of weird but interesting new flavors to put in.

If you’ve already tasted the famous Cheetos, then you know how a Cheetos Lip Balm actually tastes like. This flavor is one of the most infamous flavors since you wouldn’t even think that it actually exists. Cheetos are very tasty treats and are of an orange cheesy color. This is how this lip balm looks and tastes like. But worse than that, it smells like artificial, sugary cheese. However, it is just like any other lip balm that makes a rather smooth finish on your lips, but you’ll always lick your mouth half-expecting to find some crumbs or cheese residue. Cheez-It lip balm is a similar type of this. And without doubt, they will really taste like cheese, and it’s up to you whether you’ll find it appealing or not.

Another, more familiar, odd-ball flavor lip balm is the Bacon Lip Balm. It is also just like any other type of lip balm: it smoothens  and moisturizes your lips, but it also tastes like the world’s most scrumptious pork product. Not to worry, no actual pigs were harmed in the making of this lip balm. It is perfect for your home or in your purse or pocket, or maybe a little gift to your loved one. However, if you have a dog, they will love to taste some of that bacon goodness on your lips as well.

If you want even weirder lip balm flavors, you can actually find more of them. Some mention-worthy flavors are pickle, wasabi, corn dog and even popcorn flavor. Be worried though that these may be too synthetic and might be bad for your lips in the long run.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Flavored Lip Balm

There are many major and trusted manufacturers that provide amazing flavored lip balm. Popular companies are namely Lip Smackers and Chapstick’s Flava-Craza line.

If you wish to have the best of your lip balm experience, natural flavored lip balm is also available. Companies such as BeesWork’s, Burt’s Bees, Eco Lips, Juice Beauty and The Merry Hempster provide natural lip balm good for your lips as they are made with natural products with added ingredients such as beeswax, essential oil, vitamin E and others.

It is good to note that some types of flavored lip balm may keep your lips from chapping and taste nice, but some of these may contain ingredients that lead to many types of cancers after prolonged usage. Since 60% of what we put on out skin gets absorbed and travels right into our bloodstream and passes through the heart, ingredients should be a key factor when shopping. Organic or natural flavored lip balm is a healthy alternative to proper lip care while still giving you that amazing look.


The next time you feel like the weather’s too harsh on your lips and start to steal the moisture out of them resulting to craking and excessive dryness, take out your flavored lip balm to keep it soft, smooth and tasty at the same time. Flavors have always been a fun thing and experimenting to know your favorite will be an interesting thing to do. If possible, stick to organic or natural flavored lip balm to ensure optimum lip health.