Flaxseed is a food and fiber crop which comes from angiosperm and grown during winter. The botanical name of the crop is "Linum Usitatissimum". It is also called "Linseed" and generally used as edible oil, nutritional supplement and ingredient in wood finishing. Its oil has 50% more omega-3 than fish oil. It has omega-6 and omega-9 also. The omega-3 fatty acid found in its seed oil is ALA - Alpha Linolenic Acid that benefits to keep heart healthy.

Amazing health benefits of Flaxseeds

The constituents antioxidants, vitamin B, protein, potassium and dietary fiber help to keep up health. Its health benefits are following: -

(A.) Anti-inflammatory : Two vital constituents of flax-seed oil ALA and lignin help to reduce inflammation. As inflammation is the cause of Parkinson and asthma. So it checks such diseases reducing inflammation.

(B.) Checking rheumatoid arthritis : Flax Seed oil is the source of polyunsaturated fatty acids called ALA. It helps to decrease inflammation. So it helps to check rheumatoid arthritis.

(C.) Protector of heart and lungs : It prevents hardening of arteries, generally known as atherosclerosis. Flax Seed oil reduces risk of cardiovascular and lungs diseases due to presence of ALA which eliminates toxins efficiently even from heart. It clears the colon to check colon cancer also.

(D.) Regulation of sugar to control diabetes : Fiber is also present in flaxseed. Its presence in higher amount helps to stabilize sugar reducing appetite. Lignin improves blood sugar in Type-2 diabetes. In this ways regular consumption in ample measure normals blood sugar to regulate diabetes.

(E.) Prevention of breast cancer : Women with higher level of ALA in breast tissues have less danger of breast cancer. Hence regular use flaxseed as edible oil increases the Alpha Linolenic Acid level. In this way it prevents breast cancer.

Benefits of linseed - A video to watch

Role of its oil in bodybuilding

ALA - Alpha Linolenic Acid, the short chain omega-3 fatty acid is the most essential nutritional constituent. Unfortunately it cannot be produced in human body. Even human body is not efficient to convert ALA found in fish oil. So, the flax-seed oil is the best substitute.

Body builders need extra nutrition to build muscles. Flax seed oil fulfills the requirements efficiently.

Flax for hair and beauty care

Role of Flax seed in hair care : -

Flax Seed oil is the richest source of vitamin E which helps to grow capillaries. In result it helps to nourish hair roots, shaft and the scalp. Omega-3 nourishes hair follicles also. It helps to make hair, healthy, strong and shiny.

Role in beauty care: -

Due to presence of antioxidants and phytochemicals it plays the significant role to beautify skin. It uses as anti-ageing agent. When oil applies to skin it removes irrigation and softens roughness.

Side effects of longtime consumption

Although flax oil is safe to consume for adults in proper measure for short period but some temporary side-effects are also experiences.

(A.) Diarrhoea - Consumption of flax oil more than 30 gm a day may cause loose stools. It causes diarrhoea also.

(B.) Severe bleeding - It consumption increases the risk of severe bleeding during and after surgery. It is risky for the patients with bleeding disorders.

(C.) Premature birth - During pregnancy the use of flax oil is not safe because it may abort or result in premature birth.

(D.)Prostate cancer - Long-period consumption increases prostate cancer.

Disclaimer - The content aims to enhance knowledge base of the reader so it does not claim any cure. Always use any natural products consulting your physician first.

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