Use Flax Seed Oil to Boost Your Body's Metabolism

Even though flax seed oil is technically considered a “fat,” a word with which many people have negative connotations, the oil is actually a healthy fat that may promote weight loss when used properly. This oil has recently gained in popularity among individuals looking to shed a few pounds to those who need to lose significant amounts of weight. Combined with a healthy diet, adequate water consumption and regular exercise, flax seed oil can provide the metabolism with the boost it needs to encourage the body to burn more fat.

When we hear the word “fat,” most of us run for the hills as fast as we can. However, flax seed oil is the opposite of the nasty, artery-clogging trans fat we should fear. Instead of contributing to obesity and heart disease, flaxseed oil is believed to actually reverse these conditions when used as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Flax seed oil works with the body's natural metabolic system to jump start weight loss. The substance is believed to be especially effective when used as part of a low-carbohydrate, low-sugar diet rich in whole, natural foods.

Another reason flax seed oil and weight loss go together so well is that the oil contains approximately 115 calories per tablespoon. This may seem like a lot at first glance, but most of these calories are not directly converted into fat. When your body starts to crave sweet, sugary foods that aren't so good for you, flax seed oil can reduce your cravings by providing your body with the real nutrients it craves. Adding the oil to your daily meals can create a feeling of satiety that prevents overeating and binging. This is because the fat in flax seed oil keep you full longer than eating low- or non-fat foods.

Flax seed oil also provides the advantage of sustaining a more normal blood sugar level, which prevents blood sugar spikes and those mid-afternoon “crashes.” This manifests as overall increased energy, a lesser chance of grabbing a sugary snack and an extended feeling of fullness after a meal.

In most cases, you'll benefit most from taking flax seed oil just before eating your normal meals. The most common recommended dosage is 1 to 2 tbsp. daily, divided. This means you should take approximately 1/3 to 1/2 tbsp. with each meal. If you're taking the oil in capsules instead of liquid form, refer to the dosage suggested on the bottle by the manufacturer.

As a supplement to aid weight loss, flax seed oil is safe and effective when taken as directed. It lessens your cravings for sweet, sugary and carb-filled foods that are known to cause weight gain, it boosts the body's natural metabolism, increases the feeling of fullness after meals and helps the body maintain normal blood sugar levels. All of these benefits are necessary for long-term weight loss, and for this reason, flaxseed oil can be considered an ideal supplement to help you on your journey to a healthy body weight.

Note: Although many people safely use flax seed oil for weight loss without ever experiencing any negative side effects, it's always a good idea to check with your doctor before taking any new supplement, especially if you currently take prescription medication.

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