Find a good flea medication for dogs and your pet will be thankful. Fleas can be a pain, literally and figuratively. If your dog ever had fleas you know how stressful it can be both for your dog and you. Nobody likes the idea of having fleas on the loose in his house. Can you imagine one of these little buggers making your bed its new home? Repulsive right? So what's a good dog owner to do? You guessed it, look for the best flea medication for dogs he or she can find. With the vast amount of products on the market though, choosing the right dog fleas treatment can be a daunting task. That's why we will attempt here to determine the most popular flea medication for dogs so that you just have to pick the one you prefer.

An effective flea treatment is a treatment adapted to your dog. By that we mean that the dosage must be adapted to your dog's age and weight for maximum efficiency. A treatment effective in a poodle wouldn't be effective in bigger dog. Here are some of the most popular topical flea medications on the market today.

Frontline Plus is applied topically once a month on dogs over 8 weeks old. It tackles adult fleas and ticks and can also stop the development of baby fleas. It often yields impressive results, making it one of the most used flea medication for dogs around. Similar to Frontline in their use are K9 Advantix (advan-ticks, get it?) and Advantage. Frontline and Advantage use fipronil as their main active ingredient while K9 Advantix uses imidacloprid and permethrin. Topical flea treatments are often your best bet if you want to get rid of flea fast and for good. Other treatments like flea collars still have their place but if your dog is already infected with fleas topical medication is the way to go.

Now that you have an idea which flea medication for dog to use let's have a look at how to check for fleas. Checking for fleas should be done regularly, especially if your dog's behavior changes unexpectedly and of course if he scratches more than usual. Put a metal comb in contact with your dog's skin and run it done gently along its fur. Sometimes the comb can pick up black dust, what that black dust is is actually flea dust. You can also give your dog a good rub, this might make some fleas fall off, be sure to kill them before they have the chance to hop back on. If your dog indeed has flee, chose one of the flea medication for dogs mentioned above and your dog will soon be flea free!