Water softeners work by eliminating or transforming the stuff in your water that causes lime build up. These things, like calcium, lime and magnesium can cause major problems for your water systems. Not to mention they are hard to clean off of water fixtures like faucets and shower heads.

Using a water softener will change your water and eliminate the substance that cause lime and calcium build up. Fleck makes a line of water softeners that have a consistently high rating with consumers.

On top of complete water filtration systems and Fleck water softeners the brand makes customized valves, electronic and mechanical meters, lead-free brass valves and many more water filtration system pieces.

The Fleck 5600 control valve is one of their top products. It can maintain a water flow rate of up to 20 gallons per minute. The machine is easy to program and set up to do what you want and need. There are many electronic and mechanical options of their products, which not only help with having many choices, but with having many different price ranges to work with.

A problem that some consumers have run into is an air leak in the Fleck water softeners system. Most often this type of error occurs when the system has not been installed properly. It is typically the compression fitting, which connects the water softener system to the brine tank not being tight enough.

By having a professional do the install you can avoid these types of problems with your water system. The Fleck water system comes with an impressive guarantee as well. The tank comes with a lifetime warranty, while the valves and controls come with a five year warranty.

These two combined are impressive when in comparison to other water softener systems. One of the more popular Fleck water softener systems is the Fleck 5600SE. This system is set up to make installation by the purchaser simple and easy.

The unit is easy to program and only requires the push of a button to get it working. There are six individual cycle times that come with this system. You can choose to have the system running at many different times of the day and there is even an option for the filtration to start now.

Another Fleck system is the Twin Demand Fleck 9000. This is a simple and easy to use water filtration system. It is designed for heavy residential use, or light commercial use. This model works even when it is in the process of regeneration. It has been designed to save water and will save you money every month.

There is a fully programmable five control system that makes this Fleck water purification system easy to install, program, and use on a daily basis. Fleck is truly a leading name brand in water purification systems. They have so many options that you are sure to find the right system for your home or office. You will be happy that you chose a Fleck system.