My morning ritual in the wintertime before leaving for work used to be a lot longer. I had to get up, put on my socks, undershirts, long underwear, and then I began to get dressed. Then one day one of my fishing buddies showed me his fleece lined blue jeans. I looked at them and was a bit skeptical, but then I noticed that there were lots of the anglers at the boat launch that afternoon had fleece lined jeans or fleece lined pants.

Many people have told me that they prefer flannel over fleece. I think that fleece is softer on the skin and retains body heat much better. It also wicks moisture away from my skin better than flannel.

Since then I have made it my goal to purchase at least two pairs of these jeans or pants a year. What I like about them is that I no longer need to wear long underwear, but I am very warm. The only drawback is that if you are inside for a prolonged amount of time you will sweat. I even overheated once because I wore them when it was 50 degrees outside and then I spent the day digging.

Having said that, I am going to say now that there is no substitute for fleece lined blue jeans or pants when it is cold outside, and you have to be out in it. Take it from a guy who has spent his entire life outside, these pants are a must. I have owned many different brands of these pants and would like to tell you what I liked and did not like about them.

Here are a few of the more popular makers of fleece lined blue jeans and pants and their more popular products:

  • Duluth Trading Co.

Fleece lined work jeans: Duluth Trading Co (DTC) fleece lined work jeans were designed with the guy who works outside for his living in mind. They are much roomier than DTC's 5 pocket jeans and has extra deep pockets and a firehose reinforced waist band for extra durability.

Fleece line fire hose work pants: DTC's world-famous firehose work pants now come fleece lined. The fire hose work pants are the most durable pants on the market. In fact, DTC is so sure that these pants will not fray, rip tear or wear out, they guarantee them. If these pants ever do any of these things, simply send them back.what I like about these is that they don't rip when I am crawling over guard rails at work. I have ruined so many $50 pairs of fleeced lined pants on those things.

  • L L Bean

Men's Double L Fleece Lined Relaxed Fit: These jeans have the soft and warm fleece on the inside and tough denim on the outside. I would recommend these jeans to the guy who likes to be outside, but who doesn't work out there. They are not as durable as the fire hose pants, but they look nicer.

  • Carhartt

Carhartt has been making work clothes for a long time. They are an industry standard among guys who like to or are forced to be outside all winter long. The Carhartt Men's relaxed fit straight leg fleece jean is no exception to Carhartt's superior reputation. With relaxed seat and thighs, these pants are made for real guys. Now you can have the durability that Carhartt gives you and the warmth that fleece provides in the same jean.

I have talked a lot about how I like to work in fleece lined jeans and pants in the cold weather. I also like to play. I fish and hunt all winter long in these pants. The fire hose pants work especially well when I am pheasant hunting in rough terrain because the stickers don't go through the fire hose material.

If you have never owned a pair of these pants, you really should buy a pair just to see if they are everything that I have said they are.

Duluth Trading Company's Fire Hose Pants