Do you want a fleece hat set, but don't like the store selection? It is very easy to make your own for about the same price (or less) than store bought.

The first step is going to the fabric store and buying some good fleece. There are many colors and patterns to choose from, so you should be able to get exactly what you want. You will need about a meter...and will have some left over.

Cut off the selvage edges and save. Your piece should measure about 40" X 60". Be sure the cut line is straight, then measure 8 inches from the end of the fleece. Cut along this line, the whole width of the fabric. You will now have a piece 8" X 60". Measure 3" - 4" from each end, and cut strips half an inch wide...this is your fringe. You now have a scarf!

Next, measure around your head, and add about an inch to your measurement. Cut the next piece of fleece from one side approximately 26" - 28" (use the longer measurement if you want a flip up band around your head) by your measurement (if your head is 22, your cut will be at 23"). Fold the fabric right sides together along the long side, and stitch using a half inch seam allowance. Be sure to backstitch at each end to secure your stitches. Fold your fleece tube in half, wrong sides together. Place on your head, and tie the top with a piece of the selvage edge. Secure by tying a double knot. Cut into the top every half inch as far as the tie...this becomes your pom pom. Note: It is easier to tie the hat if you use someone else's head.

Trace around your hands onto either tracing paper or copy paper, tracing past your wrist about 4 - 6 inches, depending on the size of cuff you want. Fold remainder of fleece in half, right sides together. Place pattern on your fleece, being sure to leave at least 2 inches between each pattern piece. You will cut an inch away from your pattern piece all around. Sew from the bottom of the wrist all the way around the hand and thumb to the bottom of the wrist on the other side using a half inch seam allowance. Be sure to pivot at the thumb, and don't sew across the bottom of the wrist. Secure by backstitching well at start and stop points. Clip almost to the seam line around the curve of each mitt. Turn right side out and fold down wrist twice to make the cuff. Secure with stitching about a quarter inch from the fold line.

Enjoy your new set! These sets can be made to fit anyone from infant to adult, just alter the size of measurements. For safety's sake, do not put a scarf on an infant. When making the hats smaller, make the length about 4 inches longer than the width. The scarf can be made 6 inches wide and a little shorter for children.