Fleetwood Mac New Orleans,La June 2009 Concert Review


No smoke filled air for lighting effects! The only smoke in the Arena was the smell of Weed every now and then.


I know they had many negative things about this concert but one stuck to me even after the show ended. There was NO Opening Band and not only that was bad for the early birds but they never played any music like at most concerts. No pre warm up video or any of that. It seemed to old fashion for me! Like it was so quiet in the Arena . Oh man it was wierd! Hated it!

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Fleetwood Mac New Orleans,La. on June 20,2009.

As some of you know I am an employee of a Big City Arena and get an inside look at Concerts as I did for F.M. which gave me a great behind the scenes look at what goes on with the F.M. Gang.

By the night of the N.O. show the band had marked up 50 shows on this tour and by the looks of them before the show it was obvious. Each of the main band members arrived in seperate Limos and had seperate dressing rooms. It seemed like there was a little tension between the band mates because there was no interaction between them before they hit the stage for the concert. There was a sound check but not with the stars, just tech's playing instruments, but by this time on the tour why do they need to show up for soundcheck right.

Stevie looked a hot mess when she first arrived with hair in rollers and dark shades to cover up the no make up face. BUT!!! after she hit thephone booth so to speak and re- appeared for the show she made a TOTAL transformation in to the "OLD STEVIE" we all loved. She was dressed to the Tee in stunning wardrobe and made a couple of changes during the show. Hoever I did notice Stevie wearing 2 inch high rubber sole shoes I guss to make her appear taller.

Mick Fleetwood, wow what a strange person but funny guy. He appeared out of his dressing room wearing a Be Bop hat with a English type outfit which I can only describe as a English Golfer outfit with knee high red stockings with pants down to the knee and some sort of cape draped around his shoulders. Mick clutched his assistants arm as if he needed him to keep from falling down. Im not sure if this was because he was intoxicated or because of his height 6'9" and limber legs.

Lindsey Buckingham and John Mcvie appeared normal and very laid back before the show backstage. I should also point out that each one of the members had there own ontourage of assistants,makeup artist and techs. Stevie's dog even made the trip!

During the show I did notice a few minority fans in the crowd and they appeared to be having a great time. One in particular whom I spoke with who stated she spent $500 for her ticket and what was so odd about that was not the color of her skin ( black )but her age, she was 25. She was a new generation fan who learned of the band from YES you guessed it, THE INTERNET!

The show was slow at times but great a times too. No pyro, No smoke machines for lighting effects, No Lasers but they did have a cool Lighting Special effects with large video screens to look at which made it easy to see im sure from the upper deck. There was no opening act and no intermission.

There was a lot of talking between songs which helped describe Fleetwood Macs journey from Then to Now. No encore because of time, they went over the alloted time and had a flight to catch. Overall the crowd danced and appeared to enjoy themselves including me. I have seen better concerts but I have also seen worse. I hope my summary helped and if you have not seen this tour yet I DO recommend you see it because this may be there last tour ever!


In Closing

In Closing I would Give this Concert on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best possible score , a high 7. Ive seen worse but better too!