Flight nursing jobs are one of the ultimate traveling nursing jobs. Among nurses with an itch to wander, flight nursing jobs are very in demand and have great pay and benefits. This unusual calling is not for every RN or LPN, but for those with a desire to tackle a truly intensive nursing career, then a flight nursing job is worth exploring. What are the requirements? What are the working conditions like? How is the salary? These are all very worthwhile questions and well worth exploring further if you are sincere in one of these high-in-the-sky traveling nursing jobs

Requirements for flight nursing jobs:

Generally, registered nurses are desired with either a bachelor's degree in nursing or a two-year degree. Skills needed also include Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Cardiac Life Support not to mention Pediatric Advanced Life Support as well as other training. Experience is the real key. Companies like AirEvac or AirMethods generally will not consider someone with less than 2 to 3 years' experience and 5+ years is preferred. Beyond this level of experience is also the quality of experience. Flight nursing jobs are looking for nurses that have Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Room training. Any nurse that has great experience in an ICU or ER knows how to think under pressure and under difficult circumstances. Another way to gain useful experience is to be an ambulance runner. Nurses staffing these transport vehicles, again, gain valuable triage and emergent responsibilities which are what nursing agencies are looking for in a great employee. Jobs are sometimes difficult to come by so a great nursing candidate will have a wide variety of experiences and solid education to help make them stand out from the rest of the competition.

Flight Nursing JobsFlight nurse working conditions:

This can be almost anything! A flight nurse might work on a jet a small prop plane or a helicopter. The working conditions can be cramped, noisy, hot or cold. Bad and unexpected weather conditions can make matters even worse. Imagine treating a gunshot wound in the back of an ambulance with a patient flailing and resisting. Now imagine if you and the patient are in a tight, hot place that is being bounced around by air turbulence and a great storm. It takes nerves of steel for a nurse to remember her training under the most difficult conditions.

Flight nursing jobs salary:

The salary can vary greatly. There are commercial flight nurses and even jobs as a military flight nurse. Experience and certifications and education will also play a role. A common figure quoted as an average salary is $60,000. True figures are harder to come by as there are many factors involved. Salary is almost on a case by case basis.

For adventurous nurses with a sense of danger and a strong sense of bravery, traveling nursing jobs are plentiful but none offer the thrills and adrenaline rush like flight nursing jobs. The ability to travel, strong pay and real sense of accomplishment draw experienced nurses into flight nursing jobs. Not just any nurse is good enough and competition is strong. Gain as much experience in ICU and trauma conditions and as much education and continuing education as possible. Someday, the flight nursing job you have been seeking may be there on the tarmac.