Russia must be one of the world's most remarkable places, covering huge swathes of Europe and the backdrop for a fascinating culture and heritage. An amazing selection of experiences awaits you in Russia, both manmade and natural, with some of the most breathtaking landscapes, buildings and monuments anywhere in the world. When you're planning to travel to Russia, there is also a unique set of factors that you need to bear in mind.

What time is it?

Parts of Russia lie within numerous different time zones, so you should think about this if you happen to be arranging flights or other travel arrangements either to or within the country. If your journey involves connecting flights from another country, remember to calculate times correctly (or use Internet facilities to do so) and be sure you allow plenty of time to manage any connections on your trip to Russia.

Flight connections

Various routes make connections from various locations in Europe to airports across the globe. When you book flights to Russia, it's advisable to compare the different choices that are available to you. You might be able to find considerably reduced fares when you compare the different tickets on offer, but remember the implications to your journey regarding both the time you'll be spending travelling and the destinations you'll end up at.

Depending on what location you're travelling from, and what flight package/ deal you choose, you might end up with one or more connecting flights to make within your journey. Figure out what destination within Russia you want to reach and consider the choice for reaching this location from your start location, as there are likely to be a number of different routes that you can use. Depending on your journey, it may be worthwhile thinking about arriving at a different Russian airport to your ultimate destination, and then taking an additional connection within Russia itself.


Numerous different airlines run services to Russia from various UK, European and world airports. British Airways, BMI, Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Air France and many other services offering travel to Russia by air, so you should be able to browse a great range of prices and journey options.


These days, in the competitive travel market, buying tickets on the Web can offer brilliant value for money. Flights to Russia are on the market at substantially reduced prices from many Internet outlets. Anyone going to Russia is well advised to get an overview of the prices available with different airlines and service providers, as you may come across vastly different costs from each. If you do shop around, try to remember that your trip to Russia is likely to be a relatively lengthy one, and so the level of comfort and customer service might be more important to you than it may be on a less substantial trip.


It's possible to make travel connections to many Russian destinations. A number of airports service the major visitor spots at cities Moscow and St Petersburg. Also, many other airports are positioned around the nation, serving those areas and connecting to others.