The beautiful scottish isle of Islay, also known as the "Queen of the Scottish Hebrides" can be reached in many ways, also by airplane. Islays airport Glenegedale, 8km / 5m outside of Port Ellen, has the international airport codes ILY (IATA) and EGPI (ICAO) and builds an air link from Islay to the mainland airport in Glasgow. Flybe / Loganair is the airline that flies on a regular, scheduled base from Islay to Glasgow and back. Via this connection with the international airport in Glasgow, Islay can be therefor reached from all over the world. Many cheap, low cost airlines fly to Glasgow and the connection flight to Islay is usually affordable, making flying a quick and comfortable way to reach this jewel of the scottish hebrides.

Islays Glenegedale is a public airport maintained and owned by "Highlands and Islands Airports Limited". The first airport on Islay was built in the 1930s which was then improved during the Second World War. The present airport originates from this time, and during WWII more then 1500 RAF members were stationed there. An anecdote from newer history: Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne overshot the runway of Islay airport in June 1994. Nobody was injured but the plane was damaged.

The airport is part of the Scottish "Air Discount Scheme (ADS)" which provides 40% reduction to everybody whose main residence is either on Islay / Jura or other remote parts of Scotland. Also students that study elsewhere, but have their parental home on the islands are eligible for the discount.

Apart of serving as a public airport, Islays airport Glenegedale is also used for air ambulances from the isles that bring patients to Islay hospital. And the ambulance planes can be maintained and re-fueled here. Also charter airplanes, both planes and helicopters, can land here and / or have their base here. So if you come with your own airplane or helicopter, Glenegedale is the place to land for you!

The airport of Glenegedale (Islay /ILY) provides all the usual facilities and is wheelchair friendly. Parking is provided free of charge, a pleasant change to many other airports! At the airport are cars for hire available as well as public transport facilities (bus) and taxis. The bus connects all towns, villages and settlements of the island whilst taxis will bring you to basically every point of the isle that can be reached by car. For a more independent approach to moving around on Islay a hired car might be the ideal solution. The car hire is located directly at the airport so that you can pick up your holiday car without any delay and start your Islay adventure immediately.

Attractions of Islay include, but are not restricted to spectacular landscape with its mild coastal climate and its world famous whiskey distilleries, seven of them in total. Islays treasures are his natural beauty and it is recognized as a bird watchers paradise. On the moors peat is still cut and serves to give a unique taste and aroma to the Isle of Islay whiskeys. Apart of tasting whiskey and enjoying the natural beauties of the island you also can play golf or fish, both at sea and at freshwater lochs and lakes. Even hunting excursions can be organized. Please remember airplane safety regulations if you plan to bring your own hunting weapons to the island! Historical treasures include the round church in Bowmore, stone circles and relics of the bronze age.
Other ways of reaching Islay then by flight are buses and coaches from Glasgow, by ferry from the mainland and obviously with your own car or boat. Happy holidays on Islay, safe arrival and safe return!