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Comfusing at times

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Cloverfield is a funny sort of film. It has a limited cast, few special effects, a thin storyline and an amateurish feel and I loved it.

We rented the DVD of Cloverfield, along with a whole batch of others from our local Blockbuster. I suppose it was because the films were so cheap to rent that Hubby and I chose quite a diversity of films. I had read a little about Cloverfield but Hubby knew nothing of the film at all. I thought that it sounded his sort of film but actually I guess I enjoyed it more than he did.

As yet Cloverfiled has not been shown on mainstream television in the UK.

The film moves around a little in time. It flits occasionally back to April and then on to May again as the story unfolds. During a party in May, there is a terrific noise like an earthquake and all of the revellers hit the street's of New York, along with the rest of the City's population it seems.

Despite people's attempts to flee the city, only some escape. Hud, the person filming, and a few friends return back into the city in attempt to try and save Beth, one their group.

For me this film worked very well.

The scenes at the start of the film were just starting to be a little boring when the 'Earthquake', or whatever it was, happened. From here on in, I was hooked with. In general my feeling was what the hell is going on here?

It soon becomes evident that it was not a natural disaster which had struck the city of New York and that the horror will be devastating.

There is little in this film that is openly gory, bloodcurdling or horrific. Cloverfield, has more of a promise of threat and terror. The odd monster view is enough to tantalise and shock. The film has a shaky feel to it, just as if an amateur was filming a home movie, whilst on the run.

None of the young cast were known to me, but that could be down to my age. However, I thought that they all played their parts well. In many ways this film's amateurish feel was what made it seem natural and realistic.

In Closing

The cast includes Lizzy Caplan, Jessica Lucas, T J Miller and Mike Vogel.

The running time of Cloverfield is a mere 85 minutes.

Cloverfield is rated as PG in the UK for parental guidance. I think this is more for the psychological tension, than what is actually shown on the screen.

Cloverfield was:-

Directed by Matt Reeves

Written by Drew Goddard.

Released in 2008.

The genre is sci-fi come horror.


Well yes, as you will have realised, I do recommend Cloverfield, as something a little different to watch, which has a youthful feel, is dramatic and tense in parts, has some romance and kept my attention till the bitter end.

It was good for once to watch an American monster movie that was not one of those 'And they all lived happily ever after.'