Flippy Cup Championship is a variation of the drinking game Flip-a-Cup that keeps all people involved in the game right up until the end, but still gives a single person the chance to be crowned the champion. Flippy Cup Championship is a tournament game that any power of 2 players can play, so 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. Though this isn't really necessary as you can just give a couple people a by through the first round if needed (but make sure they still drink their drink).

What You Need

- 1 table
- 2 chairs
- 1 piece of paper or tournament board
- Enough plastic cups to have one for each player
- Beer (or other suitable alcoholic beverage)

How to Play

Flippy Cup Championship TreeFirst you need to set up your tournament tree. Divide your group in two equal "teams" and fill out your tournament board, matching up players how ever you see fit. I prefer drawing names out of a hat, but you could pair up the experts with each other to make it easier on the newbies.

Once you have the tournament board filled out, its time to get started. Get your first match up to the table, sitting across from each other, each with half a beer in their plastic cup. The cups are placed on the table in the middle equal distance away from the players. A referee or person loud enough to be heard then shouts 3, 2, 1, GO!

3, 2, 1, GO!

How to Flip-a-cup in flippy cup

1. Cheering Section Slam
2. Both players grab their cup and slam the drink
3. When finished the drink, the player places the cup, right-side up, on the edge of the table with part of the bottom hanging over the edge.
4. The player then attempts to flip the cup onto the open side with their finger.
5. The first player to successfully flip the cup over and have it land with the open side to the table wins the round
Optional: The loser (and his cheering team) now slams a full drink.

With the round complete the winning player moves on to compete in the next round, while the losing player becomes part of the winning player's cheering section and plays during the cheering section slam on the winning player's side in the next round.

Flippy Cup Round Setup

Cheering Section Slam

This occurs right after the 3, 2, 1, GO! and before the competing players can start their part.
1. Each player in the cheering section starts with half cup of beer placed on the table.
2. When they hear GO!, each member on the cheering section must slam their drink.
3. When all members on a player's cheering section have finished their drink and placed the cup on the table, that player can begin his drinking and flipping.

Winning the Game

The game is won when all rounds are played through and there is only one person left. This person is now crowned the FLIPPY CUP CHAMPION! You can choose to have prizes if you want, maybe a bottle of booze or a cool drinking tool or some cash.

Now go enjoy Flippy Cup Championship!

Championship Round Video