Is Flirting Only for Young People or Can It Be Done Successfully in Middle Age?

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When you are young and involved in the dating scene, flirting is a natural part of life. Whether you are looking for a monogamous relationship or just some fun, getting the attention of the person whom you are interested in involves a bit of flirting.

But what happens when you find yourself back in the dating world in middle age?  What if you never found “the one” but are still looking at the mid-point of your life?  How do you attract someone if you haven’t had practice in years?

Enter into the world of flirting after 50.

What is Flirting?

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Flirting is a way to show someone that we are interested in them. It does not necessarily mean that we want a relationship with this person, but we want the attention that we are given. When we flirt with someone else and they show a positive response to our actions, we feel a sense of sensuality and power, because someone is actually paying attention to us!  It is a form of flattery, as someone is trying to charm us. it reminds us that we are attractive to another person.

There is a give and take when one is flirting with another person. One needs to have confidence in order to initiate the interaction, and the person on the receiving end can choose to accept the compliment and interest expressed. Flirting can be a springboard to something more serious, but it can also exist for what it is, a harmless interaction between two people who know that nothing is going to happen.  It is just something that happens.

There are different kinds of flirting.  There is the light and coy interaction with people that we meet briefly, like the cute guy who hands you your dry cleaning each week when you pick it up. Your time together is brief, and there is nothing wrong with this kind of innocuous banter.

If you are in the dating world, then there is the kind of flirting that you hope leads to something more permanent, like a relationship.  

In general, flirting is harmless…unless you are married or in a committed relationship and you take it too far.  This kind of behavior is inappropriate and it dishonors your partner and what you have together.  It is the first steps towards unraveling what the two of you share. If you need attention so badly that you have to flirt to obtain it, then there may be trouble in paradise that needs some counseling.  You need to figure out what you are getting from flirting with another person that you are not gettng at home. 

Barbara Bellman Talks About Flirting After Age 50

Do not give up-pay attention to others!

Flirting After 50-What Not to Do

The most important thing to remember when engaging in flirtatious behavior is to act your age.  Pick up lines will only make you look like an old creep (Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?) who has may have aged chronologically, but in the behavior department, has not. You are acting like a good time Charlie who is in his twenties looking for some “action”.

Stop it!

For women, it is unnecessary to giggle like a schoolgirl-it just sounds silly coming from the mouth of a mature woman. Also, forego the batting of your eyes-he might think you have some kind of condition that requires medication.

And for heaven’s sake, dress your age!  There is nothing more pathetic than a woman who is wearing something that she should have retired from her wardrobe ten pounds ago. Tight is not attractive on either men or women.

There are plenty of clothing lines that are fun and meant for mature women.  You can look sexy and confident in clothing that is made to flatter your figure. Use your most positive physical attribute is and accentuate it so he notices.

The key to being a successful flirt after middle age is subtlety. You can make yourself noticed without going overboard and overt.

How to Flirt When You Are Middle Aged

Credit: www.pixabay.comWhen you are young, men and women are looking for love.  Many have hopes of finding “the one”, settling down and raising a family together.

By mid-life, your dreams and desires have changed.  If you had children, then that goal has been accomplished and is now biologically, virtually impossible. And if you ask most women in this age bracket, they love their kids, but in no way do they want to go back to those exhausting years of raising young children.

Maybe you got married but for whatever reason, you did not have kids. Yet you enjoyed the time your partner and you had together while it lasted, but now you are alone.

Middle age is really a time for yourself, much like your younger years. The difference between these two eras of your life is that in your 50’s, you have life lessons and wisdom on your side.

Knowing this, you can now flirt just for the fun of it or with the hope that it will lead to something more serious.

So how you can you flirt successfully after 50?

First, you have to have confidence in yourself. Believe that you are a wonderful, attractive human being and act that way!  Don’t dress like a slouch when you go out-you can still be comfortable and fashionable.  You won’t feel much like a flirt if you are wearing stretched out yoga pants and an oversized tee shirt.  Act the part! You never know who you might run into!

Next, you need to open yourself to the opportunities that are around you.  Don’t judge others; be open to conversations with everyone you meet. You might be overlooking someone wonderful if you are not making some kind of connection because your head is buried in your smartphone.

If you are out on a date, use subtle techniques like an eye sweep, a coy smile, and a gentle touch to the hand to let the person you are with know that you find them interesting and attractive. You do not have to throw yourself at the other person, but a gentle touch to the shoulder, elbow or hand gives them the signal that you are interested.

Look someone in the eye when they are speaking to you and try to actively engage with the topic at hand. Be aware of the person’s body language as well. 

Flirting at 50 many not be easy, but it is a skill that can be learned. As you enter this new chapter of  your life, remember that you are a successful, accomplished adult who can still have fun.