How to Flirt with the Opposite Sex

Flirting can come in many different forms and anyone can do it, doesnt matter if you think your good at flirting or not because it is very under-estimated.

Flirting is all about having fun and giving someone your attracted to signals that you like them, flirting can bring and the other person together and it can also make them feel good as well as you.

The most obvious flirting tip is smiling as this brings an ease to the conversation, and shows that you are comfortable being around the person and having fun with them. Smiling can happen from across the room where you dont even know the person but you can feel that attraction already.

Another way to flirt with someone is eye contact, and holding the gaze than a little longer than normal because this shows that your interested and listening to what they are saying. However dont hold it too long because you want it to look natural - dont you?

Also you should try giving the person compliments by either mentioning something about their eyes, hair, clothes etc because we all do love to be flattered!

When flirting with the other person you should touch them once in while either on their arm or hand and this shows that you are interested in them and this can be appreciated by the other person.

An obvious way of flirting is raising our eyebrows when we first meet someone this shows that you already have that attraction towards them and is a very big give away.

Another obvious flirting tip is leaning into the other person as you want to be closer to them and gives them a sign that your attracted to them and very interested in what your saying.

Flirting can also happen when someone either repeats what you just said or they mimic your body language either by the way your sitting or how your holding your drink.

The main thing to remember when flirting is to have fun with it and be confident because if your not then it could turn out to be a complete disaster - which you dont want!