Looking For Something To Do In Boise This Summer?

Spend an afternoon floating the Boise River!

Floating the Boise River is an excellent way to spend a summer afternoon in Boise, Idaho. It's perfect for families, singles, students and pretty much everybody else. And the water moves slow enough that you don't need any river experience at all!

The Boise River is a landmark in Idaho's capital city. It runs through the heart of the city, past the Boise State University campus, next to some amazing parks and even cuts through some prime wilderness areas. It's almost like you're seeing it all when you float down.

No Experience Required

You don't need to have any prior river experience to float this river, but I'd recommend going with someone who has at least been down this waterway once before you venture out on your own, just to be safe. Even when the water is high, it moves slow enough through most of the path that you won't have to worry too much about rapids. That said, there are a couple of small drops that will get your heart pumping, but by water sports standards, they are very, very small.

Great For The Whole Family

Kids love water, especially in the summer. So if you're looking for an activity to keep them busy, or an outing for the whole family, this is a great options. It will even keep a smile on mom and dad's faces, too.

And considering it doesn't cost much to float the river (just the cost of buying or renting a raft or tube), it might just be the best dollar-for-dollar entertainment you'll find anywhere.

Not Just For Families

But dont' think this is a "family only" ordeal. People from all walks of life float down all day long; married, kids, single... you name it.

What You Need To Float The Boise River

Not much! Really all you need is proper swimwear and something to float on. Many people purchase inner tubes from tire shops around town for a couple of dollars each, and others buy inflatable rafts (of all quality levels) at sporting goods shops and department stores like Wal-Mart.

And don't worry about blowing them up with air, there is a free air compressor at Barber Park (where you put in).

If you dont' want to buy a raft or tube, you can rent one at Barber Park for about $5. It's a great price considering you wont' have to wait in line to inflate anything, and when you get out at Anne Morrison Park, you simply drop it off - no hauling anything around! This service is offered through Boise Parks and Rec, so the fees are minimal. Heck, $5 is so low that many people who have their own gear still opt to rent stuff just to save themselves the wait times and aggravation of hauling around a bunch of stuff once they get out.

Where To Go

The Boise River Float starts at Barber Park in Southeast Boise. Follow Boise Avenue south and you'll eventually get there!

When you get done floating, you'll end up at Ann Morrison Park in Downtown Boise by BSU.

If possible, you'll want two cars: One to leave at the take out and one to take to the put-in. If not, there is a Boise Parks and Rec shuttle that runs from Ann Morrison back up to Barber.

If you have or plan on floating the Boise River, please share you experiences with others by leaving a comment below: