As businesses grow, they have to embrace new processes to accommodate growing needs. One of those changes is often movement of all business data into cloud storage. There are several reasons that businesses should move all of their data storage to the cloud — the two most important being that it costs less than a server and provides more flexibility. Take a look at these six reasons why businesses should take advantage of this floating data option.

Businesses Can Have Unlimited Storage Space

Cloud Storage

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Cloud storage is basically a virtual storage location that can be accessed anywhere from an internet connection. It has the potential to grow exponentially. The cloud is like a server, but there are a lot more options because users use the Internet to connect instead of a LAN connection in a stationary office. Every business needs a place to store data, but the best option currently is the cloud.

Small businesses don’t need as much data storage space as large businesses, but every business needs some. Most cloud storage companies charge based on the amount of storage you need, which means you can freely upgrade as your business grows and needs more space. It is hassle free and very affordable. Many cloud storage companies even give you a certain amount of free storage space to begin with, saving your business even more money.

Cloud storage is the best option for all businesses because it provides and unlimited storage capacity. So, your business can increase in capacity without affecting your costs very much or your business processes.

Cloud Storage Saves Businesses Money

Save money

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When businesses move into the cloud, they no longer have to pay for server maintenance and expensive machines. Plus, there are so many more storage options to choose from that your business can choose the most affordable option that meets your needs. As a matter of fact, cloud storage is so affordable that many startup businesses are foregoing other types of data storage in favor of cloud storage in the beginning.

Sure, you can always store data on a flash drive or your computer’s hard drive and then email the files you want to share with others, but cloud storage gives you peace of mind that your data will never be lost, which can save you thousands of dollars in lost work time. It also lets others access the shared data more quickly and easily.

Employees Are Able to Work from Home Because of Cloud Storage

Working from Home

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Besides cost savings, another advantage businesses experience from using cloud storage is that employees have more flexibility to work from home. This is because they don’t have to access a wired, LAN server to do their work. Remote server access was popular for a while, but it was always slow. Cloud storage lets employees access business information fast and easily. It is also secure.

If you allow employees to work from home, your business is able to save even more money because you don't have to rent as much office space. Additionally, you can make your employees responsible for certain equipment, such as a laptop or paying for their own internet connection or phone.

Businesses Have More Data Security Options

Data Security

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Data security has always been a concern for businesses. It’s very important to keep customer information confidential and secure. Plus, you don’t want business processes and documents available to the public because they can be stolen by competitors or people that want to do harm to your business. Cloud storage is just as secure as any business server, so you shouldn't have any reservations about that.

Of course, you shouldn’t use your business cloud storage for personal use, either, because you don’t want your employees to access your personal information. For instance, you should use one cloud storage account to keep track of your personal winnings on Jackpot City but then have a different account for your small business.

Businesses Reduce Their Operating and IT Costs

Business Server

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Having a server used to be the only way businesses could store data and share it within their company in a secure way. However, servers require a lot of maintenance and you can lose an entire day or two if it goes down — there's nothing worse than paying an employee to sit there and do nothing. That also means you have to pay for IT professionals to maintain and restore your server. If you switch all of your data to the cloud, operating and IT costs are covered by your monthly storage fee. Plus, the down time is practically 0 percent because of the way technology works nowadays. You also don't have to dedicate any office space to housing your server and equipment.

Using the Cloud Is Better for the Environment

Go Green

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Yet another advantage to using the cloud is the "green" benefits. Consumers are more willing to support businesses that reduce their impact on the world, and if you switch to the cloud, you will be able to promote your green business. Using cloud storage is cleaner for the environment because you are storing data virtually. There is a remote server somewhere, but you use a lot less energy with the cloud than you would with a traditional business server. Once your business is on the cloud, you can look for other ways to go green such as going paperless or allowing more employees to work from home. Everyone benefits — your business, the environment, and your employees.

If you haven’t started using cloud storage in your business, it’s time to switch because of all the benefits mentioned here. You’ll see cost savings, more versatility, and a wide range of security options for peace of mind. Your employees will also enjoy the experience much better. Cloud storage is the best way to go and it is just going to improve with technology.