Floating Hotels-Not Your Typical Hotel Experience

A luxury cruise may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a floating hotel, complete with all the amenities that any cruise liner may offer, after all, when you are on a cruise ship yFloating Hotel6our room and board goes with you.  Just about anything that captures the imagination can be found on a cruise liner, from gourmet meals, luxury spa treatments, lots of entertainment, and pure relaxation for days.  The different types of cruises are endless, from honeymoon cruises to party cruises to cruises for special interest groups as well as theme cruises.  While cruises offer a wonderful respite from the daily routine, the overwater hut resorts and bungalows are floating hotels in the truest sense of the word.  For a unique experience, the increasingly popular overwater resort will give you more than an unusual aquatic experience, an adventure of a lifetime where you can abandon all thoughts of the ordinary, taking you past the threshold of what passes for traditional.

Romantic Awe-Inspiring Getaways 

If thoughts of a romantic getaway pull at your heart-strings, there are many choices to fulfill those dreams. Luxurious overwater bungalows on a private island neatly nestled on a remotFloating Hotel9e lagoon, with spectacular views of a Polynesian sunset where all worries are left behind.   Premier accommodations are standard, imagine a very private overwater bungalow in Bora Bora, or even a deluxe two-story villa, where room service comes to you in a canoe, where exotic sea life swims just beneath your thatch-roofed hut, and when the day meets the night, you are rewarded with an overwhelming, awe-inspiring, spectacular sunset,  where you are surrounded by the very hospitable tropics for a real slice of paradise; the floating hotel takes you beyond the ordinary.   

Hidden Paradise

Te Tiare Beach Resort in Huahine is one of Tahiti’s best kept secrets that will enchant you; you will step into a different life, a different culture, where you will be surrounded by the unusual.  The resort is accessible by water after a short boat ride, truly off the beaten path.  The Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa features traditional Polynesian style bungalows, with a variety of over the water and land activities.  Stepping back in time a bit for an exciting experience, try Vahine Island Private Island Resort located on a small island called Motu Tu Vahine; this island floating hFloating Hotelotel is one of the most secluded, spectacular, and the ultimate in overwater resorts.  Just a few of the activities that the resort offers is snorkeling, windsurfing, Polynesian type dugout canoes, tours of the reef and coconut shows, outrigger rides, and so much more.  There are boat transfers to nearby islands where you visit breathtaking waterfalls in Raiatea or the botanical gardens in Faaroa, and a host of other activities that will make memories that will last a lifetime, a vacation experience that will not disappoint even the most seasoned traveler. 

Luxurious Floating Hotels – A Unique Vacation Experience

Detox from the daily grind, and step into one of the hidden vacation treasures in the Indian Ocean.  Several stand-alone villas seem to float in the ocean, accessible only by water transport, these 35 villas in SFloating Hotel3(80653)oneva Gili, The Maldives welcome guests in traditional Maldivian style will seem to take your breath away.  These floating hotels offer serene spectacular views, a wonderful and almost therapeutic experience as you leave dry land behind.  Or try Malaysia’s floating resort in Semporna, the King Pacific Lodge in British Columbia, Canada, or Waterstudio’s Floating & Rotating Hotel Tower in Dubai, UAE, the experience evokes a time of long ago, whether surrounded by tropical gardens, or tranquil pearl-like waters, a wealth of amenities await you to make your vacation getaway a very special experience.  Floating hotels are luxury hotels at their best.

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