Floating pool candles are excellent pool accessories to add a relaxed, elegant feel to any special event. With their wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and designs, you can transform your pool into an amazing light show that is sure to inspire conversation. This post covers must know information about floating pool candles, what types are available, some great ideas for when to use them, and where you can buy them.

Floating Pool Candles Vs. Water Candles

floating pool candles_3While floating pool candles and water candles are essentially the same thing, they do have one distinct difference - their typical size. Floating pool candles normally range around four inches to six inches across, where water candles tend to be much smaller. This is to provide stability to the pool candles so that they can withstand the tiny waves created by weather and people swimming around them. The added benefit is burn time. Normal water candles may have a three to five-hour burn life. Typically, floating pool candles can burn for five to ten hours, or even more.

Beyond the typical size, floating pool candles come in an amazing array of sizes, styles, colors, and shapes. Many are offered in a neutral elegant white, while others floating pool candles_1could inspire a rainbow to be more colorful. You can find these candles carved to resemble lily pads, flowers, butterflies, and other unique shapes.

Floating pool candles come in either the traditional wax and wick variety or as a battery-operated LED light. The wick candles will normally have their lighting recessed into the shape of the candle to make it more difficult for wind or water to extinguish the light. These candles can typically float as is or you can use a waterproof candle base to add additional stability.

As well as the variety of shapes, there are a variety of scents of floating pool candles available. When you match the lighting beauty of these candles with amazing scents, you can really turn your pool area into a multi-sensory treat for your visitors.

Great Ways To Use Floating Pool Candles

Special events are the obvious choice for these floating candles. They can make a wedding feel extra special. You can also create a beautiful ambiance for your next outdoor party, especially one held at twilight or night. Lily pad designs can give your pool a peaceful, Zen-like feel perfect for more low-key evenings and to create a spa feel for your home.

Whatever your style, floating pool candles look the best when they are used in large groups that are layered throughout your pool. To accomplish this, you'll need a way to anchor your candles floating pool candles_2so that the wind doesn't push all of your candles to a corner of your pool. In many instances, you can use transparent twine (similar to dental floss) to space out your candles properly and keep them in place. 

The Price And Where To Buy Floating Pool Candles

There are many cheap floating pool candles available, starting at just a few dollars per candle. Prices do increase as the candles become more detailed. Highly crafted shapes can bring the price up significantly. Since you usually need more than one of these pool candles, they are often sold in sets from three to a dozen or more. You can buy many beautiful varieties of floating pool candles and water candles through Amazon.com, or if you need them in a pinch your best bet is to check out your local Target or Walmart. These stores may have a limited variety in stock, but if your need is immediate, they are the best bet for most neighborhoods.