With simple floating pool candles, you can change the overall mood and theme of your event or party. Think about it-the "mellow" yellow shade multiple candles give is just classy. Add that to a nighttime formal event and you're golden (no pun intended).

If you're planning an event that impresses, chances are you need every resource (and money) you can get. Sure, that is expected, but in such cases, there's no harm in being smart and cost-effective on where you spend your money on.

If your location has a pool, or even a small fountain, chances are, your bow-and-tie guests are not planning on getting wet. The pool then, is just there to complete the posh environment. Without having much purpose to begin with, at least give it some more use.

Pool candles are very simple objects. These can either be candles shaped as such so that they can float, or candles set atop a floating (and decorative) base. Either way, we're just talking about a couple of dollars worth for each. You can buy them in tens and you still would not have spent more than $100.

Selecting Floating Pool Candles

As previously mentioned, these candles can either have a decorative base or simple candle with a bowl-shaped base. This is the first simple decision you have to make. If you look at online sellers' product offerings, you'll notice that the price difference is not that significant. However, if you want more creative options, you can opt for those that have decorative plastic bases.

The decorative base designs manufacturers have come up with are very interesting and unique. We've seen everything from floating lilies, pumpkins, frogs, and butterflies. If you have something in mind, chances are they've already made something like it.

It is also important to mention that there are now LED floating lights that serve the same purpose as floating candles. If you have a multi-use application, chances are you are better of with these. LED is very efficient and needs very little power to operate. Some of these lights use small, unobtrusive AAA batteries and some are even solar-powered. You'll probably save more in the long run if you plan to use them regularly.

But, if you only have one event you want to make the best of, candles are definitely classier and the smarter buy. They can be safely disposed off and can also be used for regular lighting-until they last-after the party.

Sample Designs

Below are just some unique designs to give you an idea on what to expect so you can proceed with shopping. Good luck on your quest.

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