Flock Splash Screen

Flock is a web browser that focuses on providing the user tools, build into the user interface, to make social networking easier and more accessible. Flock is built on code that was used to build the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Newer versions of the browser are based on Chromium and so it uses the WebKit rendering engine. Flock incorporates social networking and additional services including MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Blogger, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and others. When logging into any of the supported social networks, Flock can track profiles updates, uploaded photos, and anything else that might be posted to any accounts you have. Flock was founded in 2005, and the company is based in Redwood City, CA. In January 2011, Flock Inc. was acquired by Zynga, which is famous for its social network game Farmville, and according to Wikipedia, Zynga has no plans on what to do with the browser for now.

Some other features include:

  • native sharing of text, links, photos and videos
  • a blog editor which allows direct posting into any selected blog
  • supports Firefox extensions and add-ons Flock Bowser 1

Flock is, like a lot of other web browsers, keeps track of a lot of information for you, such as personal data that is filled out on forms, the standard history of web pages, as well as a catalog of all the files you have downloaded. Flock is able to fill out any forms that you may come across on the web. Flock is capable of remembering the information, such as your name and address, which you type into such forms. If you are registering for a website or buying a product online Flock is able to input your information when you encounter a similar form which saves the user a ton of time.

Flock has a built-in photo uploader and one-click Web Clipboard, which lets you share text, links, photos and even entire videos with your friends and co-workers with unprecedented ease and quickness. You can use this feature without even visiting the site and can all be done using the web browser itself.

FlockCast is a built-in feature within the browser itself that helps the user add their pictures, videos, and updates to Facebook with ease. Using this feature you can do something simple such as change your Facebook status update without going to the site as well as doing something a little tougher like add pictures to your profile. When you add photos it can add them to multiple sites at once such as Facebook and photo sites like Flickr.

I believe that the Flock web browser will catch on in popularity when people realize how easy it is to use. The features that it contains should be considered cutting edge when it comes to the normal plain web browsers we use today (I'm looking at you Internet Explorer). Be sure to try out the Social Networking Browser at flock.com.A last word from the creators of Flock:

Flock's vision reaches far beyond the currently available version of our browser. As the Web continues to evolve, Flock believes that an important opportunity exists to push the boundaries of browser innovation. We will continue to be champions of open-standards, and strive to continually deliver unique, innovative and meaningful user experiences made possible only from within the browser. Flock is an open source company that innovates on the superior, constantly-improving Mozilla architecture to provide a fast, safe and competitive browsing experience. Flock Logo

- Flock Inc.