Categorization of Flood Damaged Vehicles

Your experience of buying a car can be more exciting when done through online bidding. The online auction websites add a thrill factor as a number of bidders bid on the same car. Online auto auctions offer a wide range of cars at very economical rates.

Most vehicles that are up for bid in flood damaged auto auctions are partially damaged. Damage is caused either due to collision or natural calamity, such as, flood. Consumers can yield great bargains on flood affected cars.

Flood Damaged Vehicles

Categorization of Flood Damaged Vehicles

Flood damaged vehicles can be categorized according to the water type. A car that has suffered fresh water damage can surely be considered for reuse after repairing; however, in case of salt water damage, rebuilding is not easy. As a matter of fact, salt is extremely corrosive and ruins the metal that the car is made out of. It also leads to the failure of mechanical, electrical or safety systems.

Applications of Water Damaged Vehicles

Consumers from different domains, such as, the recycling industry, entertainment industry and construction industry, take part in the bidding process. Flood damaged cars available at throw away prices can be used for various purposes. Some of them are as given below:

  • Recycling: Automotive recyclers constantly strive to reduce waste. Some of the auto parts that can be recycled from salvage cars are batteries, tires and plastics. Plastic recycled from end-of-life vehicles has a growing demand. Similarly, tires and carpets are examples of products recycled to make other useful auto parts. Recycled tires take the shape of floor mats, brake pedals or splash shields.
  • Hollywood Movies: Action-packed movies thrill the audience by dropping, flipping, smashing and burning salvage vehicles. Such vehicles can be best sourced from online auto auctions. Flood damaged auto auctions are the first choice of bidders in such a scenario. The damaged vehicles are cosmetically repaired and turned into brand new cars. These revamped cars are often classy looking.
  • Jewelry: Water damaged vehicles can contribute to the fashion industry as well. This trend proves to be eco-friendly. The framed jewelry is beautiful and wearable. The designs add tremendous value to the material extracted from flood damaged cars. Being an exclusive creation, the products crafted are sold at extremely high prices.
  • Sculpture: Beautiful sculptures can be crafted out of salvage cars. The sculptures created from pieces of metallic scrap end up in marvelous art pieces motivated by the imagination. Many environmentalists promote these skillfully handcrafted designer sculptures. These amazing innovations are placed in parks, living rooms and other appropriate places.
  • Home decor: These cars can be converted into masterpieces to put on display in your home.

Buyers can bid and win salvage cars to utilize in any of the above given forms. Flood damaged vehicles that are not roadworthy can be used for several purposes.

Salvage Vehicle Sculpture