When a home is flooded certain thing need to be done quickly. Knowing the steps to take to minimize the water damage from a flood will make the process less stressful. The first thing to do is enter the home in as safe a manner as possible.

Turn off all electricity to the home and wear boots and gloves. Turning off the electricity will stop you from electrocuting yourself and the boots and gloves will protect you from any bacteria and mold that might have started.

Now that the house has been safely entered, any standing water needs to be removed. A sump pump in the basement can remove many inches of water, while a Wet-Vac can be used on the rest of the house. Once all standing water left by the flood has been removed, everything needs to be dried.

Industrial fans are the quickest method, but if those aren't available any fan or dryer can be used. If the house is not dried there can be water damage to wood floors, drywall, carpet, and pretty much any other surface that has been underwater.

Removing the water quickly is vital to lessening the amount of water damage from the flood that will remain. Water damage can include rotting wood, ruined floors, mold, and bacteria growth. Many things will have to be replaced but some items can be salvaged with proper care.

After all the water from the flood has been dried, it is time to start scrubbing. Everything that the flood water has come into contact with must be cleaned and disinfected. Flood water is extremely dirty and full of nasty things that will have to be killed off. If there is any indication of mold wear a face mask and consult a professional about the appropriate method of mold killing.

Once everything has been dried and cleaned, it is time for damage assessment. Flood insurance will help the homeowner to replace lost items, and the cost of repairs. Extensive water damage from flooding can be a major expense. Sentimental items cannot be replaced and it is a good idea to have copies of important documents and photos on a backup disc in another location.

Flooding happens in all parts of the world. It is usually unexpected and wreaks havoc on the emotions and pocketbook of all people who have experienced it. Thinking ahead and knowing what to do when will ensure that the water damage from the flood is as minimal as possible.