A flood is an overflow of an expanse of water that submerges land. Floods are very dangerous such that they kill lots of people, damage crops and they also destroy houses. Floods are mostly caused by heavy rainfall from rivers, lakes, oceans, cyclones and hurricanes. Dam breakage can also cause floods. When the level of water rises due to heavy rainfall, the water starts overflowing and this causes flooding.

The flood water causes a great destruction to the areas where the water flows. Floods also occur in the coastal region due to high tides, storms, cyclones and hurricanes. When the level of water rises above the sea level, it causes floods in these areas.

Deforestation is another cause of flood. Humans clear trees from large areas and as a result, the soil is eroded and it gets settled at the bottom of rivers and seas which raises the level of water in rivers and seas which in the end results to flood. Humans should just let the nature go its own way. The floods can also be caused by poor dams that cannot hold great volume of water.

Poor farming is also one of the causes of floods-some farming practices can damage the vegetation cover, so when heavy rains come the soil will be washed into the river easily.

Grazing too many animals can cause the flood because the animals eat the pasture very quickly leading to less vegetation. As a result, the soil is washed into the river.

Soil erosion happens more often due to large amounts of people living in areas with risk of flooding. They cause the problems of overgrazing and over cultivation. It is very important to get prepared for floods. There are several ways you can get prepared;

1. While preparing for flood, it is important for you to learn about your community’s emergency plans, warning signals and locations for emergency shelters. This information can help you out especially if you’re caught in any dangerous flooding conditions.

2. During a bad weather, the best thing to do is to always stay tuned to your radio. This way you are informed on any possible flood warnings and reports.

3. You should always be ready to evacuate because flooding happens very fast.

4. You should also avoid flood waters because there are possibilities of the water being electrically charged due to fallen power lines and also contamination.

5. You should always head for higher grounds when floods occur.

6. You should also avoid downed power lines and if they are you should make sure you report them to the power company.

7. You should also make sure you never drink flood water because it contains bacteria from mixing with human sewage.

8. You need to also monitor the news and stay in a safe place.