Light weight and easy to handle and reasonable price


Takes few minutes to heat up (4-5 minutes) and the main arm may not be the ideal chioce for robust usage...

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Choosing the right floor cleaner which suits your needs can sometimes be bit hard because of the amount of the competition among big names in the market. There are few multipurpose devices which one can even convert into clothes dry-cleaning proposes. There are also few other main features that the end user has to keep in mind when going to purchase on. For instance if it outputs a lot of noise and you have babies around that should definitely be avoided, or if it's too heavy and the pads are too large then, not only it'll be hard to handle but it won't fit under the tiny spaces, like under the bed for instance. So keeping those in mind let's have a look at this floor cleaner code named the RedJet.

There are few other models that boil the water within 1-2 minutes. But this one takes around 4-5 minutes for that. By using the main button you can switch between four levels of steam settings quite easily. Because of the light weight (8.5-9 pounds) handling won't be a problem at all. By default it comes with three heads or pads. The water tank is reasonably large and once fully loaded can be used around 14-16 minutes. But as mentioned above, the time it takes the floor cleaner to be fully ready to be used can vary according to the level of the steam setting you choose.

And the drying up process can also be quickened if you choose higher value in the steam settings. The 48 inches long arm makes it easy to use without having to bend over too much. Anyway you can't use it in quick motion but have to keep going on a steady speed (not too slow though) to achieve the best results. The cord is also long enough to reach for some distance from the main electrical plug. Not only you can use this floor cleaner on Tile surfaces, but also Hard-wood type floors too. Cleaning carpets with it wasn't hard either but the wetness seems to hold on for some time (can't really complain the machine).
Don't touch the heads after the cleaning is over as it tends to be really hot (240 degrees maximum – inside the tank). One thing about the main arm (really slim) though that it's connected through a plastic-type material and the overall robustness feels a bit lessened. Anyway since the floor cleaner it self is light weight it may not be a huge issue. The asking price is also low in comparison with others.

In Closing