Floor cleaning is a boring job but it has to be done sometime. The amount of time you spend cleaning the floor will depend on how dirty the floor gets and what you use to clean it. Some people vacuum their floors every day, while others vacuum once a week. Kitchens and bathrooms need to be mopped at least once every two weeks but more often for dirtier floors. There are five main methods used to clean a floor. These methods include sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, using a Swiffer Sweeper and using a sweeper. For carpeted floors, vacuuming or using a sweeper is the best option. For tile or vinyl floors, mopping or sweeping should be done regularly but vacuums can also be used. Vacuuming, sweeping, using a Swiffer Sweeper and using a sweeper are the best options for a hardwood floor. The list below details how to effectively clean using each floor-cleaning tool.


BroomSweeping is a quick and easy way to clean a floor if you are short on time. Pull out the broom and dustpan, sweep up the mess and you are done. Here is a simple way to sweep a floor:

1. Remove as much furniture from the room as possible. If you cannot remove it from the room, push it to the edge of the room. Also remove all rugs from the room.
2. Starting with the edges of the room, sweep along the baseboards and make a dirt pile in the middle of the room.
3. Place a dustpan on the floor and sweep the dirt into the dustpan. Throw the dirt away in a garbage can.
4. If needed, sweep the floor again. Dirt likes to fly around so it may take 3-4 times to get all the dirt off the floor.

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VacuumVacuuming can be more or less time consuming than sweeping depending on the size of the floor and how much dirt has built up. There are many different types of vacuum cleaners and each of them work a little differently at cleaning dirt and debris. Here is how to vacuum a floor using a standard vacuum:

1. Plug the vacuum into an outlet closest to where you want to start vacuuming.
2. Hook up a hose to the vacuum.
3. Using the hose, start along the edge of the room and vacuum the baseboards.
4. After the baseboards have been cleaned, use the hose to vacuum the furniture. Get in between the couch cushions and on top of the couch.
5. Unhook the hose and vacuum the center of the room. Move furniture around as you go and vacuum underneath everything. Use the hose to get underneath places the vacuum will not go. The hose is also good for vacuuming stairs.
6. Replace the vacuum bag or empty the canister when it gets too full.

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Mop (31507)Mopping is the best way to clean up liquids but you will need to vacuum the floors before you begin. It can be time consuming but it will give you a sparkling clean floor. Only mop tile, stone and cement floors. The floor cleaner will ruin the finish on wood floors. Carpeted floors should not be mopped. To begin, you will need a mop, floor cleaner, a bucket and hot water.

1. Vacuum or sweep the floor to get rid of large debris. Do not sweep or vacuum liquids.
2. Fill the bucket half-way up with hot water and add some floor cleaner.
3. Place the mop head in the bucket of water.
4. Squeeze out the water. Some mops will have a lever that you can pull to squeeze the mop head and other mops will have a handle that you will have to twist.
5. Scrub the floor using the mop until the mop head starts to get dry. Start scrubbing away from the door and work towards it. When the mop head gets dry, dip it in the bucket and squeeze out the water. Continue to scrub the floor until the entire floor has been mopped.
6. Wait an hour or until the floor is completely dry before walking on it.

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Swiffer SweeperA Swiffer is kind of like a broom but instead of pushing dirt around, it traps the dirt in a microfiber cloth. When you are done cleaning the floor, the cloth can be thrown away. Replacement cloths are inexpensive. All you need to Swiffer a floor is a Swiffer Sweeper and Swiffer cloths.

1. Remove as much furniture from the room as possible. Remove rugs from the floor.
2. Attach a Swiffer cloth to the Swiffer Sweeper.
3. Starting at the edge of the room, move the Swiffer sweeper along the baseboards and work your way into the center of the room.
4. Get under the edges of furniture using the Swiffer head. The handle folds down so the head can get into narrow places.
5. Remove the Swiffer cloth from the Swiffer Sweeper and throw the cloth into the trash.

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A sweeper is a combination of a broom and a vacuum. It has brushes that trap the dirt and pulls it into a dust pan. It does not use any power. Pushing the sweeper is enough to get the brushes moving. It can be used for a quick go over in any room. It does not do a great job at picking up all dirt but it will pick up the larger pieces. A sweeper is cheap and one can be purchased for under $50. Here is the best way to clean using a sweeper:

1. Remove furniture from the room if possible. Rugs do not need to be removed. Sweepers work on both hardwood and carpet.
2. Use the sweeper to sweep the middle of the room. The sweeper does not do well along the edges of a room so there is really no point in going along the edges of the baseboard.
3. When the dust pan gets full, empty it into the trash.

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