Do you have an empty corner in your room that you're having trouble decorating? A floor globe could be your answer. Floor globes are very popular freestanding decor solutions that add dimension and personality to any room, whether in your home or office. Take a look below to learn more about these globes, ways to use them, and the prices you'll usually find them for on the market.

Floor Globes: Freestanding Beauty

Replogle Sante Fe Floor Globe

Globes are a very popular home decor choice and have been so for generations. Floor globes, particularly, are very special. Since they are freestanding on tall pedestals (typically many feet high), they don't need to rely on a desk or mantel. A floor globe can go just about anywhere and solve multiple design problems. If you've got an empty corner in a room that has confounded you for months, a floor globe can fill the space quite nicely and with definite personality. If you're in need of a statement piece for your home decoration, one of these globes can be that focal point easily. These globes are functional, beautiful, and attention grabbing.


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There are many varieties of floor globes, covering a wide amount of decor styles. You'll find richly toned gemstone globes, beige and muted colored globes that feel like antiques, and everything in between. High quality floor globes are made by some of the giants in the industry, like Replogle Globes, but there's also a deeper artisan feeling surrounding the style, particularly because of the pedestals. These pedestals are often works of art in their own right. Some are ornately designed out of metal, others are hand-carved with precision from different varieties wood. They can often catch the eye just as much as the globe itself!

Where To Use Floor Globes

As mentioned, because they are freestanding, floor globes can fill up an empty corner quite nicely. And with the mix of a beautiful globe ball and an eye-catching pedestal, a floor globe can also anchor a room, especially ones following a geo-decor or nautical style.Punto Ocean Floor Globe

Floor globes aren't only for classically styled rooms, though. There are many globes and pedestals out there that feel very contemporary. They may use more modern map styles featuring shocking metallic colors or feature a "less is more" modern curved pedestal which holds the globe from above, creating a hanging effect. They can be a star in any modern design.

In terms of office decor (which can be very tricky), floor globes are an excellent choice. You need to find pieces that feel professional, speak to the person's position, and yet get out of the way so that they don't disrupt work, A floor globe does all three masterfully. It creates a sense of authority, and it can be easily moved around (or stand beautifully in a corner) so it never interferes with the work at hand.

As far as gifting goes, floor globes are a popular choice. They make excellent Christmas gifts or birthday gifts, especially because of the  big variety available. You can really match your recipients personality to a globe and pedestal quite easily, which makes the gift feel extra special.

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Floor Globe Prices

Black Gemstone Floor GlobeNo matter your price you are looking to pay, there is a floor globe model right for you, and all of them are beautiful. Simple designs range from $70 to $200. Normally these styles feature well crafted wood pedestals, sometimes with metal fixtures, and a standard style globe which can come in a variety of colors. Prices can go as high as $1,000 or more for the more ornate and contemporary models (and they are stunning), but there are many very great looking pieces around the $300 mark that find a good balance between price, function, and beauty.

Floor globes can make a room come to life in unexpected ways. You'll be surprised at their style and the solutions they provide, and they really are attention-getters that can impress your guests. You can't go wrong with one as an anchor for your room decor.