If you are torn between renting a floor steam cleaner and owning one, then this is article is specifically and especially written for you. With this guide, we have tried to provide you the details about floor steam cleaners, some of its features and advantages, and why it is one of the best additions for your home to make sure that it stays clean, fresh smelling and, above all, germ-free for your family.

Types of Steam Cleaners

Don't know which steam cleaner to pick up? Here's a quick overview of the types of steam cleaners that you could drive through not only your carpet but also your home.

Rental steam cleaners are generally the big and bulky ones that you often see with professional cleaning teams. Deep cleaners could be rented from your favorite department store, supermarket, and even a number of cleaning companies for at least $25 a day. While deep cleaners do vary from one brand to another, some of the common features include

- Tank that holds and dispenses the cleaning solution
- Vacuum
- Static or moving power brush
- Another tank that vacuums and stores the used and dirty solution

Simple tip: if you prefer to rent a steam cleaner, you need to shop around to get a steam cleaner that could still do some decent cleaning. Only rent the least-used and cleanest cleaner available so you could get your investment's worth.

Vacuum-sized floor steam cleaners

Specifically designed and marketed for homemakers, vacuum-sized steam cleaners are lighter than commercial and even rental ones. Mixing carpet solution and water, these extractors dispense, then, vacuum the water up to store in one of its tank. While these are extractors are made for domestic use, steam cleaners are, in reality, fairly expensive and space consumers.

Scrubbing Units

Another type of floor steam cleaner that is specifically designed for domestic use, scrubbing machines generally functions like vacuum-sized cleaners, only less the vacuum. These machines help you work up the carpet solution dispense moist powders into the carpet surface, and expect you to follow and pick up the dirt with a regular vacuum cleaner. The truth about these floor steam cleaners: they maybe lighter than vacuum-sized ones but this does not mean that they take up less space. In fact, most homemakers say that scrubbing machines take up the same closet space as vacuum-sized cleaners. The upside? Scrubbing units are lighter than upright floor steam cleaners, less bulky, and, of course, easier to maintain as you don't have to clean a tank filled with dirty solution.

Advantages of Floor Steam Cleaners

All-in-one cleaner: that's what experts and homemakers fondly call a steam cleaner. Most new homemakers often mistake steam cleaners as the only solution to clean dirty carpets, experts recommend and love steam cleaners as an all around cleaning solution to most floor types. A steam cleaner easily cleans hard wood floors, thoroughly disinfects rugs and carpets, and washes grout or tiles.

Go beyond surface-clean. Regular vacuums are designed to specifically, well, vacuum dirt. Floor steam cleaners, on the other hand, offer a more thorough and deep cleaning: they are designed to loosen up dirt and oil, release vapor, spray detergent to an area, work with powerful brushes, and, of course, vacuums and separates the used liquid.

And, with installed and powerful heating system, floor steam cleaners kill dust mites and other allergens that could make your children sick. Floor steam cleaner is, therefore, not only the perfect cleaning solution for your carpet but also makes it more healthy and safe for your kids to play in.